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real: peace

Designed for maximum relaxation, perfect accompaniment for meditation and yoga

real: sleep

Created with Real Music’s award-winning catalogue, relax and doze off into a deep slumber

real: focus

Curated to enhance focus and help you accomplish the task at hand

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The Wisdom of Kindness Flute Remix Video Art

The Wisdom of Kindness Flute Remix

Liquid Mind

News and Events

29 October 2023

Justin Wiggan RHS Chelsea Flower Show Sound Installation

The garden includes an installation by sound artist Justin Wiggan which records the electrical impulses of the world around us. READ MORE
10 October 2023

Timbaland To Deliver Keynote Speech At 2023 Global Wellness Summit

Partnering with Myndstream, Real Music’s sister company, Timbaland’s new music projects combine the power of music with the principles of wellness to create a unique and…
02 October 2023

Paris Hilton's Night Time Routine

Paris Hilton is a huge fan of our artist Liquid Mind as he forms part of her nightly wind down routine. READ MORE