Bernward Koch

German pianist and multi-instrumentalist Bernward Koch (kahtch) has experienced an astonishing rise within the international New Age music scene over the last few decades. Koch’s fame began to ascend when the artist contributed “Ever Returning”, a smash hit from his debut album Flowing (1989), to two Aids-benefit compilations initiated by California radio stations KKSF and THE WAVE. This placed his music alongside greats such as Bonnie Raitt, Al Jarreau and Sting, who also contributed music to this endeavor.

Additional accomplishments include his second record, “Laguna de la Vera”, rotating the Billboard New Age charts for months, and his track “Childhood Hour” being placed in the award-winning movie “Shaniko” in 2008. Koch has earned many awards for his music, including the Piano Heaven Award in England, the Audiophiles Highlight Award from STEREO in Germany and the Culture Prince title in his hometown of Wenden in 2012. His music sounds around the world, and today Bernward Koch is considered by many as among the genre’s leading artists.

The classically trained artist composes pieces of outstanding formal maturity with an astonishing musical finesse. Koch himself calls his compositions “songs without lyrics,” and indeed they are delicately crafted and clearly show their creator’s sense of form. His arrangements are marked by a tasteful balance of natural and synthesized sounds. Christiane Böhm, his wife, has played flute on his compositions over the years, which has become a trademark feature in his sound. His tunes have proven qualified to calm, make life more pleasant and allow your soul to take a deep breath.

Albums by artist

Journey to the Heart
Walking Through the Clouds
Gentle Spirit
Silent Star
Day of Life
Touched By Love
filled with light