Brian BecVar

Brian BecVar is an accomplished keyboardist, composer, songwriter and producer who has toured, recorded and performed with Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Laura Branigan, Air Supply, Englebert Humperdinck, John Mellencamp, Roberta Flack, Bill Champlin, Jon Anderson (from the group Yes), Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx, Davy Jones (from the group The Monkeys), Phoebe Snow, Dave Mason, Ben E. King, Bobby Caldwell, Wild Cherry and Kitaro. The highlight of Brian’s touring years were the years performing with Celine Dion, Air Supply and Michael Bolton, with whom he is currently performing as a pianist/keyboardist.

As a composer of Film and TV, Brian has produced and scored music for independent films and major sports channels. His songs have been recorded by John Mellencamp, Roberta Flack, Bobby Caldwell and Cheryl Lynn. In 1994 Brian released his first solo instrumental CD, entitled “Once In A Life,” on the Real Music label, featuring vocals by Pedro Aznar, from Pat Metheny’s group. Since then, Brian has recorded several solo albums of jazz, classical and world music.

In 2003, Brian, along with his brother Bruce BecVar, collaborated with mind-body specialist and best-selling author Deepak Chopra to create an extraordinary CD of healing music entitled “The Magic Of Healing.” Composed, recorded and produced by Brian and Bruce BecVar along with Deepak Chopra, this CD contains music that uses elements inspired by ancient Vedic traditions and principles of healing. Since its initial release in mid-2003, the CD has been a major success globally and continues to inspire to this day.

In 2008, Brian wrote two Olympic theme songs for the Beijing Olympic games. Out of 80,000 songs submitted, Brian’s songs were selected and honored as two of the top 50 songs. And Brian received special Olympic awards from the Olympic committee for both songs.

Brian has recently launched, a video streaming app for Mobile phones and Smart TVs. SerenityStream is an extensive film library of natural wonders to quiet the mind, with a focus on aerial drone video of breathtaking landscapes from around the world. It is an ever expanding collection of extraordinary views of our mother earth and stunning soundtracks composed, edited and produced by Brian. Multi-platform apps for Mobile, TV and the Web allow the user to stream films of tranquil visual & sound environments for meditation, relaxation, stress reduction and inspiration. A 160+ film library is sorted into 7 channels: Meditate, Reflect, Rejuvenate, Inspire, Elevate, Celebrate and Sleep, including Video-On-Demand as well as Continuous-Play channels. Brian is also developing an interactive multi-media gaming platform for SerenityStream. And SerenityStream films are being developed in Virtual Reality format to be used for pre-op relaxation of medical patients before surgery. SerenityStream’s mission is to create calm environments through innovative products and services, promoting well-being and tranquility. Brian’s vision and focus continues to be that of empowering individuals to cultivate serene spaces, enhancing their quality of life and fostering a sense of peace and balance in their everyday surroundings.

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