Chris Haugen

Chris Haugen is a staple in the San Francisco music scene, having performed and published music with Phil Lesh, Ken Kesey, and Sean Penn. He has also published 50 commissioned songs on the YouTube Audio Library.

Chris’ music draws deeply on his 30 year yoga practice, and surfing in Northern California. His personal hi-light is having performed with surf legend and yogi Gerry Lopez. Chris plays several stringed instruments, and is best known for slide guitar. His new release “First Light” comes out June 5. Although originally intended as a surfing reference, when you wait on the beach for enough light to paddle out, the idea of darkness turning to light has taken on new meaning with the changes in our world. This album is a deep meditation steeped in hope and vision, with the intent of bringing a sense of calm and connection to listeners.

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Chris Haugen Serene Cover
Falling Water, Shimmering Strings
First Light
Water to Land

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Chris Haugen