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David London

David London

David London plays with the verve and sense of adventure of a young Mozart. His approach to composing and playing is unique, courageous and representative of an age that has inspired the spawning of many overnight successes. The common theme underlying all of David’s compositions is the so beautifully expressed emotion and passion of his heart. This is music expressed in a grand way by a young spirit, full of hope. — Terence Yallop, President

A Real Music Interview with David London, August 2001

RM David, congratulations on the release of your debut album with Real Music — To My Love! I really like the theme, a musical memoir of one’s first experience of falling in love. Sounds like something we can all relate to.

DL All of my music is inspired from the way my mind and emotions perceive the world. During the two years of my life when I met the girl, fell in love, lived in love, lost the love, then the time to heal, the songs on To My Love were created. I think of my music as my personal diary.

RM Does your music typically reflect a personal theme in your life or do you find inspiration in other ways as well?

DL I can get inspired from a magnificent sunset to a rainy day atmosphere. My environment is very important to me. Nature’s miracles stir my heart to write music all the time.

RM It seems that many doors have opened and guided you to a musical career. Throughout this journey, what are some of the things you feel most grateful for?

DL The thing I am most grateful for is that I have a family that has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and has contributed in any way possible to help me fulfill them.

RM How do you create the interesting music you compose? Do you hear it in your mind first or just start playing and let the music unfold?

DL The only thing I plan before I sit down is the tempo of the song I want to write, which is determined by my mood. My fingers then take over and lead the way, followed closely by my heart.

RM At what age did you begin playing the piano and was this talent something that came naturally for you? When did you begin to compose?

DL I started playing when I was 7 years old, the year my mum bought me my first keyboard. Every two years she updated it according to how I was playing. I composed my first song at age 15 called ”Music on the Rocks.”

RM David, at 22 years old, do you find yourself playing to an audience of the same age? Who typically comes to hear you play?

DL My audience ranges from age 7 to 77, male and female. When I play, something magical happens (something others have also noticed) that seems to stop people and draw them to me and no matter their age, they all equally enjoy my music. I do, however, think that my age helps younger listeners feel okay about listening to me without feeling silly. I really hope more and more young people will listen to this style of music.

RM Do you have interests and/or hobbies outside of music?

DL I love to travel, write poetry, cook, and create and study art. One favorite thing to do is work out in the gym, usually six times a week. I am a big health nut and take pride in a healthy body. I snowboard, play tennis, ski, rollerblade, swim and play soccer. At this time I am also studying the Spanish language, yoga and real estate.

RM Have you lived other places before Colorado? Have you traveled and if so, have your travels influenced your music?

DL I grew up in a little town on the ocean called Hernebay in Kent 1-1/2 hours southeast of London, England. Our family visited Israel many times because my father’s side of the family lives there, and I have many happy memories from Israel. We came to the US almost every year on vacation. We fulfilled my parents’ dream of moving to the US when we moved to Denver, Colorado in 1991. My travel experiences have definitely inspired my music. I wish life always had a soundtrack playing in the background to make times more dramatic. I write music to complement visuals I have in my mind of the beautiful scenery I have seen.

RM You have mentioned that Yanni is one of your music mentors. Have there been any other musicians who inspired or influenced you?

DL No, I just really enjoy the sound of the piano. I think it is the most romantic and elegant instrument. When I sit down in front of the piano I feel so alive and in touch with my heart and soul. The piano is a part of me physically, mentally and emotionally.

RM Do you enjoy playing before live audiences?

DL I love it more than anything. My dream is to travel the world and become a top entertainer. Playing in front of an audience is everything to me!

RM Have you had interesting or amusing experiences while playing to audiences that you would like to share?

DL I have seen people cry and couples hold each other in a warm embrace. But the funniest thing is when groups of girls come up to me and ask me to sign their arms.

RM Is there anything else you would like to share or say to listeners?

DL Dear Listener, my music is the soundtrack of my heart and I only dream that the music brings romance, passion and love into your life as the romance, passion and love in mine have created it. Best wishes, David London

RM Congratulations again on the release of To My Love. It’s a beautiful debut. 



“London displays a cohesiveness and fluidity that will draw favorable comparisons to classics in the genre such as The Velocity of Love (Suzanne Ciani) and Keys to the Imagination (Yanni). At the same time, judging from this sparkling, perfectly-balanced debut, 22 year old London is clearly his own muse and appears to be well on his way to a striking career that will attract hordes of radio listeners and fans of heart-opening music alike."  — Lloyd Barde , Backroads Music

“Perfect for Valentine’s Day this month is the beautiful, romantic and heartfelt piano music of David London on his debut with Real Music. Backed by his keyboard, string orchestration and synclavier, and guests on occasional soprano sax, plucked strings, acoustic guitar, bass and light percussion, London explores the phases of falling in love for the first time. Reminiscent of some of the graceful melodies crafted by keyboard superstars such as Jim Brickman, Suzanne Ciani, John Tesh and Yanni, London glides through sweet and gentle pianistic phrases with unobtrusive yet supportive ensemble accompaniment. With handfuls of arpeggios and broken chords, harmonies flow like spring breezes gently wafting through fragrant and brightly colored blossoms. From beginning to end London pours out the emotion we all feel when falling in love, and he does it with beauty and grace. Each track is romantic and dramatic, passionate and emotional, depicting the joy and anguish of a first love. This is an album one can play with a love, for a love, or to find a love, especially this month, the month of February.”  — Ted Cox, New Age Voice, February 2002

“Fans of Yanni’s piano-based music should jump for joy at the release of David London’s debut CD, To My Love. London is definitely not a copy-cat, but I would guess that he has listened to Yanni’s recordings many times and has been strongly influenced by his style and instrumentation. I love a lot of Yanni’s music — especially his older work — so I really enjoy this CD. Smooth and soothing from start to finish, this is a romantic recording through and through. London is only 22, and got his start by recording music for his father to play in his clothing store in Denver. He is a natural for the Real Music label, which specializes in warm, optimistic music without many hard edges. All of the songs on To My Love have a mellow flow to them, and all are seamless and polished. This is a keyboard album rather than piano, and many other sounds accompany the “piano” (which sounds like a high-quality synth). Titles include “Capture the Moment,” “Now and Forever,” “Our First Kiss,” and “A Love Story”. My favorite is “Against the Wind,” which has a little more bite than the other tracks — and also probably sounds the most like Yanni. Warm and inviting, this is the perfect CD for a candlelight dinner or for sipping wine by the fire. It will be fun to see how David London evolves as a musician, as he is off to a most impressive start!” — Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications