Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood is a master of the musical collage, bringing various sacred traditions and styles together into a meaningful and soul-stirring sound. He is an award-winning independent artist who has sold more than 100,000 copies of his three New Age/World music albums. Wood’s fourth album, Eternal, is now available on the Real Music label.

Since his 2002 debut, Wood’s recordings have received heavy airplay on syndicated digital music channels such as Music Choice Soundscapes, Sirius/XM Spa, and Dish. This, coupled with impressive retail sales, makes him one of the top independent artists in the New Age music market.

As a composer, producer, promoter, keyboardist, drummer, and manager of his own record label, New Vision Music, Kevin Wood wears many hats.

“My intention is to make meaningful music that helps people feel an open and warm connection to Spirit within. On a deeper level, I write music that helps the listener feel oneness with Spirit, humanity, Mother Earth, and all that there is. My albums take this further and offer spiritual themes that invite the listener to enter a heart-felt journey into a beautiful and mystical place not yet seen or heard, but familiar enough in instrumentation and style to feel safe, connected and at peace.”

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Eternal Art