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Liquid Mind X: Meditation

Liquid Mind X: Meditation by Liquid Mind

Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or an absolute beginner, this recording has something to offer. We all need moments of rest and contemplation. So push play and let your mind quiet down and your body relax. If you really let go, you might even drop into bliss.” —Bette Timme

“Since its inception, Liquid Mind has been a reflection of my path from life in a too-fast lane to life on a slower, more sustainable journey. I thought it fitting to focus my tenth ‘studio’ album on the one thing which, more than any other, influenced me to begin my slow music Liquid Mind series: Meditation.”  —Chuck Wild

#3 Best Electronic Albums 2012 — “Simply some of the best music made for relaxation, sleep, and mediation. Chuck Wild is a master at producing calming music, and never has it shone more clearly than the elegant ballet of ambient sound you will hear on his newest album Liquid Mind X: Mediation”  —

Nominated for “Best of 2012”  in the Best Electronic category by Zone Music Reporter (formerly New Age Reporter).


1. In Fields of Peace 8:06
Average: 5 (1 vote)
2. Meditation 10:05
Average: 5 (1 vote)
3. In the Silence of My Soul 14:09
Average: 5 (1 vote)
4. When Time Slows 12:24
Average: 5 (1 vote)
5. Soft Focus 7:25
Average: 5 (1 vote)
6. The Joy of Quiet 8:47
Average: 5 (1 vote)

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Press Acclaim

Carl McColman

As a general rule, I believe that meditation or contemplative prayer are best practiced in silence — which means no TV blaring in the background, no MP3 player churning out sound, no computer or stereo making noise within earshot. Even using a so-called white noise machine is, to me, at best a necessary evil: perhaps required to mask the normal distracting sounds of children playing or whatever else might be happening in an adjacent room or apartment: but far less desirable than the pure absence (or near absence) of aural stimulation that only silence embodies.
So with that in mind, perhaps it is a bit ironic that in this post I am going to praise an album of ambient music called Meditation. But I am not recommending this album for use while you are meditating. Rather, this is perfect music for the other 15 or so hours that you are awake each day.  This most recent offering from the ambient music maestro Chuck Wild (who records under the name “Liquid Mind”) is one of the loveliest recordings of deeply introspective, truly relaxing, and — most important of all — serenely beautiful music that I’ve come across in quite a while.
But first, a disclaimer: I’ve been a fan of Liquid Mind for over a decade now. I first encountered Chuck Wild’s unique ability to create truly expansive and profoundly peaceful music when I was working for a music distributor. In my position there as a new age music buyer, I listened to ambient music all day long — and yes, much of it lives up to its stereotype of being bland, boring, and self-indulgent. If the stereotypes point to how forgettable most new age music is, they also indicate how difficult it is for musicians to create truly good, artistic, and distinctive ambient recordings. Over the years I’ve collected maybe a handful of ambient albums that bear repeated listening: Brian Eno’s Music for Airports, Laraaji’s Day of Radiance, or Bruce & Brian Becvar’s The Magic of Healing Music. These are all albums that live up to Eno’s definition of creative ambient music: music that is “able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular.”
Liquid Mind’s music belongs on any select list of must-have ambient albums — and while I think the newest album is arguably the best, the entire Liquid Mind catalogue is worth exploring. Among the previous Liquid Mind albums, I particularly love Unity, and Spirit — in fact, the track “Through My Eyes” from Liquid Mind VI: Spirit was used in several videos featuring me.
But today I want to focus on Liquid Mind X: Meditation. Comprising six tracks with a combined length of just over an hour, this musical suite can be the perfect soundtrack for massage, reading, quiet conversation, or mealtime. But I think what separates out truly creative ambient music from run-of-the-mill new age recordings is that it makes an authentic musical statement, far more than just functioning as a kind of soothing soundtrack for busy lives. This is certainly the case for Liquid Mind X: Meditation. This album speaks of spaciousness, openness, and letting go.  The first track, “In Fields of Peace,” creates a soundscape of unhurried presence, with a gradual unfolding of atmospheric chords, its cadence slower than the rhythm of deep, relaxed breathing. This leads into the title track, beginning with a sonic texture reminiscent of Tibetan chanting before opening into a calm melody that evokes the openness of a mind lulled into silence by a deep contemplative experience. “In the Silence of My Soul” and “When Time Slows” continue this sonic journey.  The third track evokes a sense of transcendence, while the fourth simply seems to deepen the overall sense of unhurried presence. “Soft Focus,” perhaps the most subtly dynamic of the six tracks, reminds me of the whispering cognitive activity that lurks at the heart of even the most deeply relaxing meditative experience. The album closes with “The Joy of Quiet,” a coda to the suite that echoes the opening track with a slightly more invigorating melody: the meditation is ending, leaving one refreshed and ready to engage with the hustle and bustle of life.

Writing about ambient music is probably the next hardest thing to actually creating it well, and so I am conscious that my words really do not begin to capture the sense of wide-open loveliness that this music embodies. So I’d encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Michael Foster

I have admired Chuck's music for many years now and with the release of his 10th studio album called Meditation I find that he continues to deliver music that fills you with a sense of calm no matter how stressful your day might have been. Chuck might be considered the poster child for taking a fast paced life and slowing it down to the point where life can be enjoyed minute by minute without skipping a single one. His early career with the 80's pop music group Missing Persons has long since faded in his rear-view mirror and he has found a home that is filled with music that allows him and the listener to move through their lives at a sustainable pace and at a pace that encourages living in the moment.
Liquid Mind X: Meditation is an album that is dedicated to a practice that more of us need to embrace as an antidote to the pounding we take every day by the pressure and stress of living in the 21st century. That practice is meditation and Chuck has appropriately named this latest offering Meditation as well as a tribute to a practice that more than any other thing in his life laid the foundation for the music that you will find on this album. The CD offers the listener a 61:00 minute journey of 6 tracks that flow seamlessly over the course of the hour allowing each person to spend time enveloped in an atmosphere of gentle washes that creates a perfect environment to let their mind slip into a healing state of meditation.  Chuck has perfected his music sensibilities over the years and this album shows that he is a master of creating soundscapes that will allow others to experience the peace that he obviously finds in composing and producing music such as this.
I would normally point out to the reader of reviews like this what my "favorite" tracks are on an album but with Chuck's music that is difficult to do seeing as how they function as a unified whole and to say that one track is preferred to another simply doesn't make any sense. The songs on this album are all parts of the body which is the complete album and to pull any one of them out for special recognition would serve only to take the focus off the totality of the work and shift attention to a particular piece of it. I would prefer to say that Chuck's meditative landscape stands as a world unto itself and that when the listener puts this album on they should leave themselves enough time to take the complete journey through this soothing soundscape. I would say leave yourself enough time to get the full benefits of the calming music that Chuck has recorded here and to really immerse yourself in the peace that I'm sure you will find via Liquid Mind's Meditation. As always I would recommend any of Chuck's Liquid Mind Series albums and I am glad to see that Real Music is making it widely available through their distribution network.

Bette Timm

This is Chuck Wild’s tenth recording for the Liquid Mind® series, and will be enthusiastically received by fans and newcomers alike. This time, Wild focuses on the powerful benefits of meditation. Follow and count your breath to his music as he suggests and experience these benefits directly. Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or an absolute beginner, this recording has something to offer. We all need moments of rest and contemplation. So push play and let your mind quiet down and your body relax. If you really let go, you might even drop into bliss.

Bert Strolenberg

Meditation is the twelfth album released by Chuck Wild, aka Liquid Mind, and another fine addition to Liquid Mind’s ongoing series of ultimate stress-relief and relaxation music.

This is overall smooth and profound velvet soundscape music containing a deep sense of grace.  A full-size, neo-classical orchestra and worldless choir is at play here, all created by electronics, to which some vocals and concert flute were sophistically added.

The 60-minute outcome, offering six gently unfolding and flowing tracks with occasional quiet sequenced patterns, will blow away every sense of rush in minutes while it lets silence speak with a clear voice.  A profound sense of beauty, solace and release is what’s found here, pure and simple.

If you’re looking for free form and warm soundscape music in the slow lane, then healing and emotive Meditation will offer contemplation, balance, deep peace of mind and satisfaction for sure.  The pristine mastering puts the icing on the cake.

Dan Cowan

The soft caress of Chuck Wild's music is a balm for the soul. With his “Liquid Mind” series, he offers listeners a chance to experience “life in the slow lane;” meaning, gentle music designed to create an atmosphere of peace and utmost calm. The essence of Liquid Mind’s sound is soft, billowing synthesizer ambience. It’s airy and uplifting, like the musical equivalent of heavenly clouds. It moves and evolves at an unhurried pace, providing a symphony of flowing tones, overdubbed vocalese and abstract melodies with a touch of flute poking in for structure. This tenth edition, titled Meditation, highlights the usefulness of this music in providing a perfect environment for meditation practice, not to mention massage, the healing arts practices, dealing with insomnia or simple stress relief. Close your eyes and float along these blissful waves of music into a calmer, content state of being.

Michael Debbage

It is no hidden secret that Liquid Music is the mastermind of keyboard player Chuck Wild who was part of the mid 80’s band Missing Persons. Though by the early nineties Wild found he was seeking solace and began creating calming solo material under the name Liquid Mind. With ten studio recordings to his name, the latest is subtitled Meditation with Wild retaining the wide open spaces courtesy of his soft flighty keyboards to create another project that will help you get away from it all. Unlike his prior album Dream, Meditation is all new material though if you have heard one album you have essentially heard them all which is probably very intentional of Wild who continues to focus on his much understated melodies. With six total tracks running seven to fourteen minutes long, while there are brief breaks between the songs, they could have run seamlessly into one another. The tone, pattern and pace remain consistent throughout, allowing you as the listener to escape into your own private retreat. If you missed the retrospective prior release Dream then borrowing from the liner notes of Wild, it is time for your tranquility medication via Meditation. Fans of Liquid Music will not be disappointed but as always the music of Liquid Mind may cause intentional drowsiness. Don’t say that you have not been warned.

Chris Spector

Chuck Wild brings his head music series to a new place by making electronic sound waves (as opposed to soundscapes) that easily wash over your brittle mind and smooth out the rough edges. Best played with head phones to wipe out as much distraction as possible, this is a lot better for you than CNN these days. Trust me, I’m not going to argue with titles like “The Joy of Quiet”. I wish I had more of it.