Mark Ciaburri

Mark Ciaburri’s career began in New York, where he worked at a large advertising agency and learned to produce multimedia presentations for large corporations. In the early 80s, Ciaburri spent much of his time with an Indian teacher, to learn about himself spiritually. About this experience, he says, “My whole being moved toward these teachings. I loved what I was learning, and unlearning.”

Ciaburri moved from New York in 1990 to the soft and fragrant tropical island of Maui, Hawaii, where he still resides. His commitment to a vegetarian lifestyle has led him to work on a cookbook titled, Guido the Vegan, in order to share the wonderful Old World recipes passed down from his Italian parents but translated into modern, vegetarian form.

Ciaburri created the album One to share with others “the experience of traveling to a place where thoughts just slip away, without having to pack a suitcase or leave home.” As the project was evolving, it became clear it was succeeding when a friend said, “This music brings me into meditation so easily!” In 2007, Ciaburri created and released Tropical Meditation, another beautiful island collaboration, featuring the chanting of Charles Ka’upu.

As busy and engaged in life and creativity as he is, Ciaburri is ever mindful of the great wisdom of Osho’s light teaching, and infuses it in all he does. “Don’t just do something. Sit there.”

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One Art
Tropical Meditation