Mike Howe

“It is difficult to classify Mike Howe’s music, but his simple, straightforward songs reflect folk traditions with a contemporary sensibility. More than anything, this music is humble, heartfelt, and strikingly beautiful”.

In 2009 Mike Howe signed to the Real Music label based in California, one of the leading New Age and Relaxation labels in the world. He went on to release 4 albums with them, all to critical acclaim. In 2015 Howe released Lichens, an album that won awards in the contemporary instrumental genre around the world. In the music streaming age Howe’s music has been streamed tens of millions of times.

Howe is best known for his melodies which cross a wide range of styles without conforming to any particular genre. There are beautiful acoustic guitar melodies, soaring atmospherics, jazz/folk and post rock influences in music that is always emotive and accessible.

Mike is an ecologist in Wales and has worked passionately his entire career to conserve habitats for wildlife and create new ones. This love for the natural world has been a very deep inspiration for his music.

Albums by artist

Time Stands Still
Round River
Island of Anywhere
Heading West Art