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Celebrated Harpist Peter Sterling’s life is a reminder to all who offer themselves as an open vessel for the Divine, that there’s no stop button once Spirit unleashes its creativity. Peter’s response to his heavenly calling 30 years ago, blossomed into an endlessly-creative multi-media career, spanning 16 studio albums, numerous Music Awards, a book called Hearing the Angels Sing, and an impressive series of crystal- frosted Mandala art prints enough to fill a gallery. Peter also creates sacred geometry Stained Glass art, and presents dynamic workshops on the science of sound healing & sacred geometry.

Drawn to the majestic red rock landscape of Sedona Arizona in the early 1990’s, it was here that Peter would discover his life purpose and musical mission. Exploring Sedona’s remote canyons daily, and living out of his trusty VW van, Peter followed every Divine hunch and inspiration as a free-spirited seeker. The Celtic Harp serendipitously entered his life on a fateful day in Sedona as an answer to a prayer on how best to fulfill his unique life purpose. Now toting his harp with him everywhere he went, Peter surrendered himself completely, allowing Grace to unfold through him amidst Sedona’s epic scenery and energy vortices. Having only a few lessons under his belt from the seller of the Celtic Harp, the Angels took over, guiding Peter’s hands and causing them to move masterfully within a few short months. No one was more surprised than Peter, whose skill-level demonstrated that of a virtuoso rather than a mere beginner.

Peter felt inspired to make drastic changes to his diet and lifestyle, switching to vegetarian “living” foods and immersing himself in healing treatments to upgrade his physical and energetic bodies through shamanic, chiropractic,energy healing and herbal treatments. With his newfound inner attunement, the Angels continued to reach Peter’s inner ear with heavenly sound transmissions, a sound which many mystics have called “the Music of the Spheres.”

Little did Peter know that one day his angelic music would garner testimonials from around the world for its miraculous healing effects: softening the hearts of the dying at the moment of their transition and used by mothers at the time of birth and to ease their autistic children’s suffering. For many, it has become the quintessential healing soundtrack for meditation and massage. “My mission is to create music that can create an experience of transcendence in the listener; strike a chord on their heartstrings, and remind them of Home – a feeling of Oneness,” Peter commented.

Success came quickly for Peter, when the music label “World Disc” released his first album Harp Magic which was nominated in 1994 for NAIRD’s (now A2IM) Best String Album Award. In 2004 Sterling’s album Hap Dreams sat at the top of New Age Radio’s Top 100 for 8 weeks and garnered an Album of the Year nomination. In 2005 peter signed on with renowned new age music label Real Music to release his Shadow,Mist and Light cd. Peter’s self released 2008 effort The Sands of Time earned a nomination for a Hollywood Music Award for Best New Age Album. His 2012 release Patterns of Reflection soared to #1 on the ZMR 100 International Radio chart, also grabbing a nomination for Album of the Year. The very next year his album Twilight Serenade ascended to the #1 position on the ZMR Chart, while the track entitled “Isle of Light” earned a Bronze medal in the Global Music Awards for 2016. And his 2017 CD Sacred Visions went to #3 on the ZMR and won a Silver Global Music Award. In 2021 Peters album Sanctuary of Light won the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best New Age Album as well as the silver COVR Visionary Music Award. And most recently his 2023 release The Winding Way won the Gold COVR Visionary music award for BestbNew Age album.

A favorite on Internet radio such as Pandora, Sirius Satellite, and Soundscapes Radio as well as United,Hawaiian and American airlines, Peter’s angelic music will continue to reach the masses, heal lives, balance brains, open hearts, and connect people to their innate spiritual essence. Visit Peter at

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