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kuTumba by Sacred Earth

All elements combine here to make something that will resound deep in listeners’ souls.” —Neufutur Magazine

Sacred Earth mantra music for meditation, yoga, relaxation, joy, grounding, massage, peace, and stillness. Divine mantras floating on rich, earthy tones, overlaid with gorgeous harmonies, soaring flutes, and acoustic guitar.

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1. Om Tare 11:56
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2. Waves of the Sea 10:53
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3. Gayatri Mantra 9:56
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5. Yogananda’s Song 9:00
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6. Claire’s Song 8:19
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7. Song for the Elementals 11:08
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Press Acclaim

Michael Foster

Sacred Earth is one of those groups whose compositions quite simply shift your consciousness immediately into a place of peace once the music starts to play. No matter what mood you might be in when you hit the play button, their songs will allow you to shed the distractions that we all seem to accumulate each day and bring out the inner you that is very often hidden away because there are so very few times during most days that we can relax and be who we truly are. Sacred Earth’s latest effort on Real Music is entitled kuTumba and is an island of peace for listeners who simply want to cultivate a bit of tranquility in their souls as they transition from those things in the world that don’t nourish their inner spirit, to a place where their hearts are free to fly.
Sacred Earth is actually husband and wife duo Jethro and Prem Williams who also serve as co-producers of their music, as well. The album features a variety of instruments ranging from the bansuri flute, acoustic guitar, synthesizer and even an Irish tin whistle. The album features seven wonderful tracks of music that are guaranteed to bring the listener a little closer to that place within wherein dwells the deeper emotions and bring those feelings to the surface.  The total playing time for this album is 70:49 which gives the listener a peaceful and harmonious hour and few odd minutes to reconnect to themselves, or to simply spend the time meditating and detoxifying their minds and their spirits.
Sacred Earth have released a total of eight albums on Real Music and with kuTumba that total now stands at nine albums dedicated to bringing forth the peace that dwells at the heart of each individual.  The duo live in Victoria, Australia and have traveled all over the world spreading their message of peace from within through songs that touch spirits and awakens aspects of the listener that they did not even know were slumbering within.
One of the songs that really touched me was the composition called “Claire’s Song” which is a wonderful combination of Prem and Jethro’s voices and a simple acoustic guitar that accompanies them throughout the song. It is a comforting song that gives the listener a feeling of being embraced by warmth and surrounded by a loving force that wishes nothing but the best for them. Oftentimes it is the simplest of instrumentation and the soft sound of gentle singing that has such a profound effect on people because it reaches past the logical mind and speaks directly to those parts of us that we keep hidden because they are so fragile and we are afraid to expose them to the harshness that is this world. Music, such as this, reaches in with a loving touch reassuring us that it is safe for us to allow those hidden parts to come out and walk freely in this safe space.
The other song that is a wonderful long form statement is the last song on the album which is called “Song for the Elementals.” With wind chimes, bird calls, what sounds like a didgeridoo, a small drum, and the wonderful flute playing of Jethro, this song immediately transports the listener to a more ritualistic musical space that helps to focus the thoughts and brings to mind a more tribal feel to the whole composition. Again the song is a peaceful one and the atmosphere that it conjures is a perfect way to close out the album and to keep the listener in that same zone that has been flowing from the beginning of this project right through to the very end. The music is very introspective and emotional as it creates a contemplative environment in which the listener may immerse themselves before returning to normal space. Unless of course they want to hit repeat and do it all again which is certainly a tempting choice if the listener has another 70 minutes to spend submerged in the calming world that is created by this music.
All in all this album is another skillfully created sonic canvas that features a couple of talented musicians who have brought forth a group of songs that communicates to the heart with a new age sensitivity that speaks volumes about Prem and Jethro’s compositional abilities to translate their innermost longings into music and then share that with their listeners. kuTumba shines as it takes the listener on an inward journey of discovery to a country where each of us would love to dwell all the time. It is a place of peace at the center of our beings that their music seems to hone in on with very little resistance from our logical minds. An excellent album and one that Ambient Visions would definitely recommend.

Robert Steven Silverstein

One of the most pure New Age artists on the Real Music label is the husband and wife duo of Jethro and Prem Williams, known as Sacred Earth.  Following a series of CD re-releases on Real Music, Sacred Earth return in 2015 with an album of all new material entitled kuTumba. Mystical and meditative are just a couple of words used to describe the hypnotic grooves of Sacred Earth and they combine their best attributes on kuTumba. The Sacred Earth sound is very much rooted in the realms of yoga, meditation and New Age music and both Jethro and Prem have openly stated that their goal is “To create music that inspires the listener to connect to the deeper place within themselves,” and they more than live up to that philosophy on this release

With Jethro handling the acoustic guitars, flutes and whistles, and Prem on lead vocals and keyboards, kuTumba also features a number of guest artists on exotic instruments like gravikord, Celtic harp, table, and didgeridoo. Most of the music is vocal based with Prem’s soaring chanting, but some of the tracks are more instrumental based such as the near ten minute title track. The liner notes also feature, track by track, further insights into Sacred Earth’s musical spirituality. Nine albums into their career Sacred Earth has found their musical sweet spot with kuTumba.

James McQuiston

“Om Tare” is a wholly immersive track from Australia’s Sacred Earth. From the onset the act is able to create a musical landscape that elicits comparisons to a desert clime. As the composition continues to play, the rich flute and string dynamic that is created ensures that listeners are on the edges of their seats. The track continues to evolve, bringing in a perfectly intertwined duet of vocals.

“Waves of the Sea” nearly makes it to the eleven-minute mark and has a certain pop flair that is reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper or a Broadway coupling. There are minor twists and turns that Sacred Earth will bring to listeners that keep things interesting from stem to stern. The ability of Prem and Jethro to create something that can be enjoyed on so many levels increases the replay value of kuTumba considerably.

“Gayatri Mantra” keeps things light and airy, contributing to the overall tapestry of kuTumba by having an insistent tempo and a wide array of instrumentation.  While this track makes it nearly to the ten-minute mark, the cheerful demeanor makes it fly by as if it was a small fraction of that. This titular cut on kuTumba does well to unite the wide array of sounds and influences that bubble to the surface during the album.

“Song for the Elementals” is an eleven-minute composition that concludes kuTumba and represents the most alluring effort on the album. There is an epic feeling to the song that only intensifies as it continues to play; all elements combine here to make something that will resound deep in listeners’ souls.
Top Tracks: “Song for the Elementals,” “Waves of the Sea”
Rating: 8.5/10

Chris Spector

When people walk it like they talk it you can’t go wrong giving them room to do their thing. These Aussie new-agers are the real deal and nothing like a Saturday Night Live skit. The heart they put into their mantra music is the real deal that you can tell isn’t a cash grab. Lovingly, calming music that weaves its spell around you, this is the kind of stuff to give you a welcome break from the daily stresses that pile up so clandestinely you don’t realize that a heart attack is just a few heartbeats away. This is the next best thing to being able to get away from it all…NOW! Check it out.