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Soul Mates

Soul Mates by Danny Wright

Danny Wright is a truly gifted pianist who has sold over 4 million CDs and thrilled audiences with performances of exquisite loveliness. On Soul Mates, his debut album for Real Music, Danny expresses the heartfelt joy of his own piano compositions and of instrumental arrangements of unparalleled beauty. Soul Mates is perfect music for touching the love within or with that special someone.




Angel Voices 3:56
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Original, sincerely emotional piano compositions and arrangements sound notes of sentimentality for love lost and found on these reflective recordings. Wright’s Steinway resonates richly, requiring minimal additional instrumentation. The violin counterpart in “The Water is Wide” moves so fluidly with the keyboard it’s as if both instruments become one, melting individual notes together. The compositions span a broad societal and emotional array, touching on themes from tornado relief to weddings to first grandchild’s birth. This is a mature work, and my favorite Wright CD so far — a fitting follow-up to his previous recordings, which have sold over 4,000,000 copies.

Carol Wright

The classically trained Danny Wright has an exquisite touch at the piano. Soul Mates opens out like a florid musical bouquet, abounding in strong melodies and bittersweet sentiments without getting syrupy. The first two songs—“Angel’s Voices” and “Soul Mates”—are variations on the same theme, leading into the warm traditional folk tune, “The Water Is Wide.”  Here Wright combines synth string arrangements with a live violin counterpart, building up the moving melody as if to convey the steadfastness of true love. “Keys to the Heart” was commissioned for a marriage proposal—which apparently worked—and leads promisingly into “Everlasting Love.” Other originals were written for a birth (“Greyson’s Lullaby”), a roast to honor comedy writer Milt Rosen and his wife, Judy (“Tender Moments”), and as a memorial to the Kennedy family. Although many of the pieces find their richness in sweeping melody lines and fancy arpeggios, others venture into more adventurous terrain. “Loving You” offers some intriguing passages, while the heavily orchestrated “Everything Must Change” (a George Benson standard) seems to pull its inspiration from a 1940s film noir. There’s really a lot of variety here, yet the album seems to flow along like one continuous composition. Heartfelt, romantic, and very classy.

Danny Wright is a talented and gifted pianist whose first recording with Real Music entitled Soul Mates is already generating intense excitement. Already a proven performer, Danny continues to thrill audiences with his tender and loving piano melodies. His unbridled joy of playing and truly inspired compositions make for works of art and beauty. This album is a fine collection of original pieces and a composition by Carol Bayer Sager and David Foster. Danny finds inspiration all around him. He regularly performs at benefits and fund-raisers. “Angel Voices” come to Danny while he was practicing for an American Red Cross benefit for the victims of the Fort Worth tornado. The beautiful and impassioned “Keys To The Heart” was commissioned for his friend’s marriage proposal. As you listen to it remember that the music worked and Danny played this song for their wedding! Soul Mates is exactly what an inspired album should be, personal, passionate and exquisite.