Thierry David

Internationally famous composer, director and producer Thierry David is one of the great names in new age music. During his early years, he practiced the major pieces from the classical repertoire before discovering the freedoms of jazz while still a teenager.

With a clear view of his art, Thierry David fully invested himself in the burgeoning venture Koka Media, which is today recognized as one of the great musical catalogues. “The label enabled me to work with other musicians … [who] have been genuine companions on my journey, artists with whom I have often worked since.”

David says of his musical style, “When my first commercial record Human Inhuman arrived on the shelves in FNAC, it crossed many different styles (classical, jazz, Indian, opera…), a blend of instrumental music that could be enjoyed both as relaxing background music not really needing attention or listened to more intently. Since the appearance of lounge compilations, we talk of ‘lounge music,’ which suits me as long as beyond the apparent simplicity of the compositions, there is recognition for the high degree of precision exercised by the one who takes care over the results, spending time adjusting the sounds, blending them and refining the arrangements of his compositions.”

Thierry has released five albums with Real Music: Zen Pause (2007), Zen World (2008), The Veil of Whispers (2011), Stellar Connection (2012) and now Hypnosis (2014). He has been nominated three times by Zone Music Reporter in the Best Chill/groove and Best Ambient categories. In his album Hypnosis, he continues to explore the balance between accessibility and experimentation with wonderful effect.

Albums by artist

Zen Pause
Zen World
The Veil of Whispers Art
Stellar Connection