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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

How to Meditate (1)

Sit or lie down, as you prefer, in a quiet place where you are not likely to be disturbed. Close your eyes and allow your mind to become quiet. Music can assist with this. Meditation can be as easy and basic as this and can work perfectly well. However, you might want to expand your awareness of what to expect and to explore some of the possibilities through the practice of meditation.

As we never really stop thinking, thoughts will continue to come into your mind, or your mind will wander. Some refer to this as “monkey mind.”
• Simply let thoughts drift in and out, without giving them any particular attention. If there is a persistent thought, you might try placing it in a sphere of light, trusting that it will be there for you to pick up again if and when you choose.
• Some people use a mantra, or repetitive word or phrase, to give their minds something to focus upon. It does not matter what this word or phrase is. It could be Om or One or anything you choose.
• Others focus upon their breathing. You might try inhaling to a slow count of 7, holding for 4, exhaling for 7 and waiting 4 counts before inhaling again, or any rhythm that feels comfortable and good to you.
• You might try progressive relaxation, where you focus on each part of your body in turn, asking it to relax. You can begin at your head and work your way down, or at your feet and work your way up. It is often surprising to discover how much tension is being held in certain places without your conscious awareness and it is quite a relief to the body to let go.

The benefits of meditation are numerous and perhaps even unlimited, as long as you are enjoying the experience. You are often able to let go of resistance, of fear, worry and negativity. This allows the receiving of more of the happiness, joy and manifestations you desire in life. Your body uses the opportunity to turn on its healing mechanisms. You might even begin to experience and explore other dimensions of existence, which can be a grand adventure.

Open vs. Guided
Open meditations are when you slip into the quiet state of meditation and are open to whatever you experience. You might simply experience the peace and comfort of stillness. Or you might experience insight into something you’ve been pondering or a solution to a problem or a gestalt of awareness. Or you might feel one or more comforting presences around you. You might even sense communication from them, or perhaps a realization of how loved and supported you are. The meditation is open and the possibilities are perhaps unlimited. Guided meditations can be guided either by someone else or you can guide your experience yourself.

Three guided meditations by Real Music founder Terence Yallop are available.

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