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A Real Music Interview with Buedi Siebert

Pyramid Call by Buedi Siebert

Real Music: Tell us a little about the music you are working on now.

Buedi Siebert: I have been sitting and meditating for a long time now and thinking about what is next for me. Right now I have two projects in mind. The first will be called Prana — and is music for yoga. I have begun playing the sitar and I am working on the details with a wonderful singer from India about doing a collaboration. The second project is inspired by the mantra “Om Nam Shivaya”. For me this mantra is about letting go and giving up everything that is “mine.” If I want to plan the next session, it doesn’t work, it only works when I let go, then the power of Shiva allows the music to come through me. When I allow this to happen — these are very special experiences. For an Aries like me it is difficult not to have more control, but I have to let go, otherwise I don’t stand a chance.

RM: Do you use the same approach when you write a song?

BS: Well of course it is different every time. Usually I have no idea how to begin, I try different things, then throw them all away, keep trying and trying, then GIVE UP, and then it finally comes. So, yes, I guess you could say that I do.

RM: So for your second project, do you envision this to be music for meditation? Or is it just inspired by your own meditation and by this mantra, and how letting go enables you to find the music?

BS: I experienced a special power in the music that comes through me, it makes the listener stop all thoughts, which is exactly what happens when you meditate. When the mind stops thinking, everything becomes possible, because we create the world with our thoughts. To be able to create music like that, I have to live a life that enables this power to come through me. Everything else would be fake, “calm” music without power, music that misses the “warmth of silence”. When I use a mantra to create music, the power of this Mantra takes over. I have no choice but to be humble and follow the energy. The way to finding the music becomes open and it flows, sometimes fast sometimes very slow. I have to wait for the right singer, and right means, not right for me, but right for the energy that is behind the Mantra. The music itself makes the choice, I just “know” when its right, by a warm, open and very calm feeling that I get.

RM: Do you have any specific instruments in mind for this project?

BS: I learned to play some sitar for this project, to honor the culture of India, but there will be other instruments, because to me Yoga is not something only from India. The pictures in the Egyptian temples are ancient slideshows of Yoga , Qi'gong and other energy movement practices. Yoga and energy working is prevalent in many cultures so I want the music for yoga to be universal and support different kinds of calm movements — such as Prana.

RM: Where did you meet the Indian singer? Do they sing traditional Indian music?

BS: She wrote me about her experience when listening to the Om Mani Padme Hum CD. I have been looking for more than 2 years for a singer from India, and then she contacted me. She is a classical trained singer and very open for making spiritual music from other cultures. We have to work together through the internet and Skype, because she is located in Arabia. Her name is Anand Richa and she sings very beautiful. You can find her performing in other projects on YouTube.

RM: How has music made a difference in your life?

BS: I have been learning about music since I was six years old. I began with guitar, then accordion, then electric guitar and flute and sax, and on and on. Music helped me get through my quite chaotic life, it was the force that enabled me in earlier times to bring out my aggressive German male energy in a non-destructive way (like crazy rock concerts and tours). Later it gave me more balance and today music is a kind of praying, it’s a way to express from my heart, to become happy and pass on the joy. When I am drowned by every-day activities, I can sit down, pick up an instrument, play, and the beauty of the music simply makes me happy. Playing music gives me a warm feeling, however, this feeling only comes when the music is “true.” When it is “true” my breath becomes quiet, my heart is open and I just feel good. In concerts I can feel this power coming to me and through me, almost like “my guest” during the concert. My heart opens a wide energy field and opens the hearts of the audience. Of course, I like to play lively music too, rhythmic and more pop-or rock music, and to feel the simple power and energy it evokes.

RM: Was there a specific “turning point” that lead you to play more meditative music?

BS: It came slowly, through my experiences with the Native American wisdom, and my growing love for the earth, but the turning point was definitely Pyramid Call. This was the call.

RM: Do you listen to music for motivation, meditation or relaxation?

BS: I listen to certain music when I drive and other music for my “office work hours”. I regularly do the Plejades meditation, that really gets me high, and I am glad I was able to do the music for it. I often listen to Bach’s music, it balances me, especially his piano and organ music.

RM: Who are your musical influences?

BS: I began with the Beatles, Kinks, Who, folk and rock music, later modal Jazz, Coltrane Miles Davis, Weather Report, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, then still later Sting. Then I was introduced to world music from India, China, Japan, South America, Eastern Europe, Arabic, and to classical, Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky and Steve Reich.

RM: What artists are you listening to now that might surprise your fans?

BS: Jo Cocker, Tina Turner, Huey Lewis and the News, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Winwood, Carlos Santana, George Harrison, Ravi Shankar and Stevie Wonder.

RM: We know you have just begun your Inside Dances tour, could you tell us a little bit about it?

BS: Inside dances is the core of my knowledge about music, music that goes inside you and resonates with the body in a strong and healing way. I just had a concert this weekend at a Mediciune Gathering here in Germany, where teachers and healers of different cultures came together, to honor the Medicine Wheel. When I began to play Inside Dances, a huge and luminous double Rainbow formed in the field beside the concert place. This is a sign to me, that there are strong powers with music, I am only the instrument. I do my prayers before playing and let the power take over me. I switch from instrument to instrument, not knowing where I will go next. But because of that, I am totally in tune with the audience, my heart opens, and the hearts of the people open. I made a short video about my thoughts and the reactions to Inside Dances. You can watch it on my website.

RM: Are you doing anything specific to prepare for these tour dates?

BS: Yes, I sit in my office on the phone talking to venues. I would love create more exposure for Inside Dances and share it with the world, but there is so much "behind the scenes" work to do I would need assistance. You know, there are nicer instruments for me to be on than a phone.

RM: Thanks for talking with us. Good luck with the tour. We’re looking forward to hearing some new music from you soon, though we understand you can’t force it.

BS: Thank you, I am always happy to make music.