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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Fan Appreciation

We often receive notes from fans who enjoy our music for a variety of reasons. Here are few of our lastest. 

Keith Gullickson sent us this comment: 

I am not smart enough to know the right words to say how much your music has done for me. All I can say is THANK YOU from a very grateful soul for your talent.”


Claudine Jacqueline Wheeler writes: 

I absolutely LOVE your Music.  It’s Love and warm hugs in auditory form ❤.”


From May 4, 2016

I bought Namaste Massage for myself to relax to. I'm a preschool teacher so I decided to play the cd At rest time ( nap time ) and the children slept so peaceful and woke up happy relax and refreshed. Thanks for making such beautiful music.”


Posted on Amazon Reviews about Bernward Koch’s Walking Throught the Clouds (review no. 54, March 2, 2016)

 The most awesome relaxing CD that I have ever owned. This music got me through the loss of my mother...”


Posted on Amazon Reviews about Bernward Koch’s Remembering (review no. 10, February 29, 2016)

Remembering the Joy, and Lament of the Past and Future!

I first heard Bernward Koch's music when I won a free copy of his release Silent Star and was mesmerized at the nighttime mystery feel of that album and have especially loved it especially during the spring, summer, and autumn nights. The follow-up, Day of Life, continued the feel of Silent Star and felt like a near-twin album. 2015's Remembering though, takes what was great about those previous two and builds upon them, adding a magical feeling of lament and surrealism resulting in a truly awe-inspiring album. The opening title track at first seems like a rehash of the previous albums, but in actuality is a preview of the leap forward in Koch's music as it goes from simply pleasant to absolutely moving. There is an overall unusual mix of warmth, joy, nostalgia, ennui, and lament all wrapped up throughout the entire album. Just the gorgeous album cover alone proves that Remembering is a step forward from his previous outings. The closing track, "Through the Universe," is absolutely surreal and sublime. Fabulous album!”


About Real Music

Love this music. I'm a Newborn Care Specialist  and infant sleep trainer.  I use your music all the time as part of my program.  The music is phenomenal and an excellent tool for my business. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!”

—Susan Capodanno, Newborn Care Specialist


To Chuck Wild, Liquid Mind (March 2014)

Chuck, I love your beautiful, timeless, sacred, music and it is truly a blessing that you have given to the world. How one man can produce such wonderful, soul healing music is a gift of God. Thank you so very very much for your unique, blessing that you have given to all of us...bless you peaceful, beautiful spirit and friend!”

—Danny Bright


To Chuck Wild, Liquid Mind (March 2014)

Wonderful compositions, Mr. Wild. I use them for background music for my students when they are journal writing or taking tests or exams, and for when I am writing, reading ... living.”

—George Dunn, Chairman of the English Department, Kents Hill


To Bernward Koch (February 2014)

I wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your music.  I found it via my Google Play All Access subscription. I'm a software developer by trade which can be very stressful so it's nice to have something soothing to listen to. I find your music very imaginative and full of feeling. I've not listened to them all, but a few of my favorites are “Evoking Wonder”, “Irish Sun”, and “Cafe Noir.”


To Chuck Wild, Liquid Mind (Janauary 12, 2014)

I stumbled upon your music a couple of years ago. While it may sound corny to some, I just wanted to take the moment to say that I've found your music to be invaluable in my personal journey for self awareness and peace. Your music resonates with me at a deep level. Thank you so much for what you are doing.”

Dr. W. Sheppard Sanford, Psy.D.


December 12, 2013

I know you probably get lots of emails like this but I just wanted to applaud your unique style of music. I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and I have started to mention your music to my patients and I have literally seen in my office ( with my own eyes) a serious decrease in anxiety and hear endless applause from the patients that explore your music. It is rare when I find something that consistently helps my patients...”

Thank You.


To Chuck Wild, Liquid Mind (December 8, 2013)

Chuck, I'm the author of Sacred Power and other spiritual books and the producer and host of the Joy of Awakening Radio Show. I am truly impressed with the sound you create in your Liquid Mind recordings. Your music touches my mind and body with a deeply relaxing energy. In my opinion, you are one of the few recording artists in the deep relaxation/healing mode who "gets it". By that I mean your music is not so complex that it distracts the mind, nor is it so melodic that it captures the memory to keep replaying the themes. Instead, you create beautifully woven fabrics of sound that sooth and calm the body and mind into meditative states. Thank you for all your wonderful work.”

—Bekon (


To Bernward Koch (November 2013)

For the first time in my seventy-four years I am moved to write to a composer/musician.
I have spent over thirty-five years working with dying folks and those experiencing catastrophic loss. The struggle to find ways to help those passing through a grief experience has been a central goal in my life. Music has, from the beginning, been a invaluable tool. Your album, Walking Through Clouds, has been a wonderful addition to our music library. It has also been a personal blessing to me. I can't remember ever listening to sixteen songs that so moved me, and helped heal my moment.
Those of us who work in the field understand the need to find environments in which we too, like the folks we work with, can heal our own grief. It's especially important for me at this moment of my life. Four months ago we had a grandson born with Hypo-Plasty Left Heart symptom. Essentially, he was born with half a heart. He's already had an open heart surgery and four other surgical heart  procedures, and is preparing for a second open heart surgery on December ninth.
Your music has been a solace to me. It has helped me cry, and it's helped me find peace — if only in the moment. It has been a great gift to me. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. I am in your debt.”
Bill Schaefer
Sena Foundation


Fan of Liquid Mind (November 2013)

My name is James, though my Original name is Vlad (I was born and raised in the Soviet Union). I've had quite an interesting life adventure from being a poor russian kid arriving to the US without speaking a word of English and $50 in my pocket to being a reasonably successful guy and business owner. I've gone through 15 years of music school as well. I've listened to music all my life. But when I accidentally bumped into Chuck's music, it has become for me and my life a symbol of love of life, love for the world, love for the universe.  Your music is truly inspired by the Universal Energy that is God. An amazing thing happened to me. I got pretty sick and decided to drive up from LA to San Jose to get some healing from a friend Chi Kung Master. On my way all I did as I drive through PCH looking at the ocean, I listened to your albom on my iPod. I spent a week in treatment, listening to your music only, at the end of my trip, my friend invited me to some book club. I've never been to one, never met those people, and generally don't even read books.  At the book club, at the end of my journey home I was astonished to find that the host suggested we look through a pile of books he is giving away.  Among them was a CD by Liquid Mind - the same albums I was listenning on my way from LA to San Jose. Sadly, very few people know of LM let along own his CDs. I've never been to book clubs, don't know any of those people at that house, yet God has presented me with a wink - a smile - your CD at the end of my healing journey on that trip. That CD is now in front of my desk as I work out of my office. I would love to get just a brief "hello" email from you, Chuck.  If in LA, I'd love to host you on my yacht for a sunset cruise on me as a thanks for your love for the world that you inspire through your music. You have changed and continue to change my life and inspire me. I will launch a non profit organization soon that will be a spiritual organization based on must pure love of the world and unification of religions around the core - simple love.”

— James Mitchell


Note to Bernward Koch (October 2013)

Bernward, my house and my soul is being filled with your beautiful music from Day of Life, I love it so. If silence is golden then your music is platinum! May your album be also!”
Best wishes always, Bogda Gruber


Praise for Bernward Koch’s new album (September 2013)

I have listen to Day of Life eight times already since I purchased the other day. Every title is most enjoyable. Congrats on putting out another gem.”


Thank you for Chuck Wild, Liquid Mind (September 2013)

… I cannot tell you how much your music means to me. I almost exclusively play one of your CD's during my massage sessions. I have an Oncology client who absolutely loves your Relax CD. She says that it takes her to another place where she is able to forget about her cancer and all her worries, and is able to renew her spirit. I think this is very powerful. Every night I fall asleep to your music.

You truly are a musical artist of the highest calling and your music touches so many on so many levels, spirituality, emotionally, and physically — I know it has me.
Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of your soul—your music, to me, is like a whisper from God. I Thank you for that.”


Thank you from Georgia (May 2013)

I am on the southern side of sixty and have listened to a great deal of music. I am an astronomer (retired) and instrument maker (spectrometers, telescopes etc). My company hired a young man (in his 20's) and during one of my rants regarding the poor quality and downright boring selections our Classical Public Radio station provided he mentioned Pandora. It took no time at all to subscribe and begin listening to the most wonderful music I have ever heard in my tenure on this planet. It seems a great deal of it is from Real Music and again it took no time to send off for Kevin Kern. In the Enchanted Garden can simply bring me to tears it is so beautiful); 2002, The Emerald Way is a permanent disc in my observatory among others. I think you can imagine the feeing of observing Saturn through the open shutters of my dome, under a large telescope with a brandy and 2002 on the stereo. I cannot adequately describe it.

I can say the same for Liquid Mind and I simply can't wait to listen to many more of your artists.

...Thank you for bringing me this wonderful music while I am still young enough and healthy enough to enjoy it. You must understand I need to introduce as many of my astronomer friends and colleagues to this music and how it plays under the stars. Thank you, thank you.”


A note to Chuck Wild of Liquid Mind (April 2013)

I use Liquid Mind to study (it has been a big part of my MBA experience :) ). The genius of Liquid Mind is that it is musical, not just slow. There is a huge difference between this and some guy with a keyboard just plunking down ethereal chords. There is only one "Liquid Mind" and I’m glad to have found it.

Thank you, and rock on! (slowly, of course)!”


A note to Chuck Wild of Liquid Mind (May 2013)

For many years I have used your Liquid Mind music during my meditations. And for many years I have wanted to let you know that I think and feel your CD's are great music, not only in terms of the so called "New Age Music" but also as an Art of Music. The compositions have balance, timing, wonderful harmonics, modulations and inspiring sounds. Writing music myself, I know how much patience, knowledge and consequence it affords to do all the arrangements on the computer in the single tracks — cresc. dim., blendings, the studio mastering, etc. Liquid Mind is definitely my favorite spiritual meditation music!

You did a great job, congratulations! Humankind has received a lot of spiritual and medical benefits from your creations and I personally, as well as on behalf of all those who never might share what they feel by listening to your music, want to say THANK YOU!”