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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Day of Life

Day of Life by Bernward Koch

Day of Life is Bernward Koch’s sixth album of soothing, silky-smooth instrumental music on the Real Music label. The thirteen original pieces are mostly piano/keyboard-based and evoke images of a perfect day. Warm, dreamy, and very relaxing, this could very well be my favorite of Koch’s albums. Not quite a solo effort, Koch’s wife, Christiane Bohm, appears on flute and piccolo on several tracks; and Christoph Koch, Annina Struve, and Johannes Anders play various hand percussion instruments on the closing track. As would be expected of a major Real Music release, this is ideal music for massage, meditation, relaxing, studying, or simply a private musical retreat to a place of peace, beauty, and utter contentment.

Day Of Life begins with “The Enchanted Path,” a piece overflowing with grace, calm, and just a hint of magic. Bohm’s ethereal flute is perfect, adding a breath of springtime. “The Blue Light” is as warm and gentle as a whisper, effortlessly soothing stress and cares away - sigh! I absolutely love “Lonely Road” with its poignant, melancholy mood of reflection. Piano, keyboards, and atmospheric sounds paint a picture in delicate shades of blue and purple - another sigh! “Flowers On the Mountain” is more ambient with warm, pastel colors, and an easy flow. “Irish Sun” is my other favorite. The bittersweet melody has the simplicity of a music box, but the misty washes of sound behind it give it dimension and weight. Bohm appears this time on piccolo, again a perfect fit for the piece. It’s amazing how a simple song can convey such intense emotion. Love it! The title track has a slow, rubato waltz rhythm and is as serene as a nap in a grassy meadow. “Passing Clouds” could be a lovely lullaby for a child of any age - sweetness and innocence set to music. I also really love “Journey to the Sea,” one of the longer pieces. The gently rocking rhythm suggests the peaceful ebb and flow of a very calm ocean, perhaps at sunset. Delicate bells make me think of sparkles of sunshine dancing on the water - another favorite for sure! “Behind the Mountains” returns to a more ambient sound that would be wonderful in a movie soundtrack. Conveying the majesty of a mountain range and a curiosity about what lies beyond it, it’s a gorgeous ending to a terrific album. 

I have enjoyed all of Bernward Koch’s albums, but I think Day of Life is his most expressive and evocative work to date. It is available for pre-order from Real Music, Amazon, and iTunes. The official release date is September 10, 2013.

Very highly recommended!



Kathy Parsons