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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

The Emerald Way

Spanning a career that dates back to 1992, Pamela and Randy Copus, aka 2002, need little introduction to the genre’s fans. Much like another icon, Enya, 2002 have their fans who appreciate the care, quality, and attention to detail which each successive CD displays. Melding acoustic instruments (piano, flute, guitar) with lush layers of vocals and keyboards, the pair have found their “formula” and through the years have continued to fine-tune it, tweaking here and there just enough to make recordings distinguishable from one another The Emerald Way is a warm soothing “embrace” of music which asks little of the listener yet rewards the non-cynic with many moments of beauty and grace. Provided that flowing romantic melodies, multi-tracked choral vocals, and a quasi-Spectorish “wall of sound” production are your cup of chamomile, you”ll enjoy this CD. Understand that The Emerald Way makes no apologies for its unabashed positivity or its heart-on-the-sleeve evocations of the “good” side of humanity. “Inner Light”, the album opener, showcases the artists‘ adroit way of layering piano with synth strings, gradually folding in soft flute, twinkling synths, acoustic guitar and multi-tracked chorals. Look up the word “angelic”; in a new age dictionary and you’d probably see a reference to this song.

Unlike their most obvious compatriot, Enya, 2002’s music is subtly diverse. “Another Answer Came” has a more dramatic sense of “oomph” with nods to neo-orchestral music. The title track carries a hint of both Ireland (lovely lilting whistle) crossed with Asia (owing to the presence of lightly struck bells) and this juxtaposition results in a lovely song which gradually evolves into a track which could have come from the soundtrack to Local Hero (Mark Knopfler’s superb music), thanks to some semi-lively acoustic guitar. “Timeless” at only 3:21, while sounding awfully close to typical Enya, wins the listener over with its unforced pace and perfect mixture of synths, piano, and vocals.

Critics of new age music often overlook the obvious sincerity of the artists who, through the years, have released many high quality recordings. Pamela and Randy Copus should have nothing left to prove. It’s clear they mean what they “say”. Ya know, sometimes, the world can use a little sweetness and light to ward off the dark and dreary. If you feel as I do, than The Emerald Way will transport you, at least for awhile, to a land of calm and beauty.

Bill Binkelman