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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


Eternal by Kevin Wood

It’s been a while in the making, but judging by the content, it’s been well worth it. Years may come and go, but at the end of the day it is always going to be the quality that will shine through and with Eternal by Kevin Wood, that most assuredly is the case.

Eternal is packed with a familiarity, which is a cross between Enigma and Lesiem; the perfectly paced global back beat and chilled world ethic on tracks like “In Search of Meaning” and “Light Shines Through” are guaranteed winners. One will find a gentleness of spirit on “Father’s Love” that will be very appealing, and a charming touch on “Love’s Embrace,” which has some stunning vocalizations and Gregorian styled chants.  In fact, within this specific piece you will find many cultural boundaries being crossed.

Wood has manifested something so very chill on Eternal, appealing to the eager masses of the newly regenerated New Age music genre, with tracks like the smooth vibe of “Time for Change” and the reminiscences of the very stylishly arranged “Grace Eternal” (Pachelbel’s Canon). 

Time has aged this release in a cask of musical oak for Wood; each piece has its own energy, and as you listen to the short form compositions of “Peace Begins With Me” and “Compassion Reigns,” one will feel the calming narrative of tranquility wash over them.

The one world global fusion nature of Eternal is magical to behold, and tracks like “Blessed Awakening” emphasize this ethic, while “Life Eternal” contains a moving spiritual narrative about its overall construction.

The last compositions of “Atonement” and “Stillness” (Postlude) seem to create an energy of forgiveness and total peace for us to enjoy, and there’s no better way to leave a project than by offering such musical bliss, and ending with a sublime serene style.

Eternal by Kevin Wood was indeed worth the wait; it has a richness of tone and a smoothness of harmonic spirit that will attract listeners far and wide to its beautiful energies and lush melodies. Each arrangement is crafted so artistically, building layer by layer with brilliance that is truly moving.

Steve Sheppard