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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Into Forever

Frank Steiner Jr.'s latest release called Into Forever is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to spending a little over an hour relaxing and letting the stress of the day flow out of you through each of the seven tracks that comprise this album. On the back cover of the album Frank states that he wanted to create a "musical fragrance to help listeners relax and unwind." After listening to this CD several times I have found the music contained herein to be a contemplative and peaceful selection of songs that gently washes over your consciousness allowing you to drift along with Frank's soothing piano playing which is the foundation of all the music that you will find on this album.

There is an ethereal feel to the music throughout all of his compositions that gives you the feeling of floating on waves of light after you have acclimated yourself to the world that Frank has created through his songs. This process doesn't take all that long and before you are even half way through the first track called “Love's Whisper” with its rich emotional sounds you will find yourself dislodged from the day to day grind and for the next hour you will find yourself wandering the tranquil soundscapes that Frank creates with his piano.

It is obvious that the music on this album was composed and recorded so as to not break the mood and the flow of the CD. Each song seems to fold into the next maintaining the same serene qualities as the song that came before it. I very much enjoyed this fact because I was not jarred out of the soothing cocoon of stillness that wrapped around me with the first song and continued right on through the last track called “Mystery's Invitation.” Many times these albums will be used in their entirety as background music for Reiki or Massage sessions, sleeping or for meditative purposes and it is critical that the mood is maintained. Frank has done an excellent job of immersing the listener in an environment of peace for the entire 60 odd minutes that this album plays.

The tracks on this album range from the shortest which is 4:58 up to the longest which is 14:59. Most of the tracks are of the six minute or longer variety and the only reason that I mention it is that the tracks tend to be perfect for allowing Frank the time to effectively create these peaceful landscapes. Oftentimes on shorter songs you feel like you are just getting started when the song comes to an end. With these longer compositions Frank is allowed the time to develop the song and engage the listener more fully in the experience which in turn deepens the overall effect of serenity that pours over you as you listen.

From the gentle synths that ebb and flow behind Frank's piano on songs like “Sparks of Love” to the bird sounds that ever so gently appear on “Lead Me to You” or the tinkling wind chimes on “Love's Whisper,” Frank has created a gentle and comfortable realm where the insistent call of the physical world is left behind. You will find that Frank's music wanders the ground between ambient and new age while executing each style effortlessly and with a masterful touch on the keyboards. The sound quality is impeccable and his music has a captivating flow to it that instantly engages the listener. You will find much to love about this album and when you are done listening to it the first time you will probably go back for seconds or thirds as the music allows for multiple listenings without ever becoming tiring. This is an excellent effort by Frank Steiner Jr. and is certainly recommended by Ambient Visions.

Michael Foster