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I'll Be WIth You

I'll Be With You by Eamonn Karran

I have always been a big fan of Karran’s style of composition. Way back in 2012 I came across Awaken, and now some six years later that amazing progression is highlighted with this release of his latest album I’ll Be With You.
Karran has created something deeply special here in a myriad of ways. There is a beautiful reflective quality in many of the tracks, like the opener “The River” and then “Guiding Light,” and he installs a level of tension in the title track “I’ll Be With You” that is both addictive and exciting.

This thirteen piece album is packed with utter quality, from the emotive but quite breathtakingly beautiful “Morning Light,” to the deep and pleasurable mysteries of pieces like “A New Dawn” and the mood and misty filled isles of my personal favorite, “The Pipers Dream.”

Karran has developed so much over the years, and on tracks like “Peace,” this growth becomes so very apparent; a composition using some lush vocals in an Enya styled performance. Then his skills as a pianist come to the fore with the passionate, but perfectly played arrangement entitled “Thoughts of Tomorrow.”

This release is truly a delight to listen to and there are many moments of reverie that can be found, like the haunting but incredibly powerful “Requiem,” and the sweet and calming nature of “The Beginning,” whose tranquil tones will offer a sanctuary of the soul, while the pipes will raise the energies once more.

Karran must look back on this album as being a real bar raiser, especially when you allow yourself to bathe in opuses like “Mac Lir,” which is almost chill out in essence and the penultimate offering. And on the charming and extremely warming creation called “Homeland,” the Celtic energies are so strong here and the skills of the artist on piano are so well portrayed in their best light within this composition.

We end with the rousing composition “Stand Beyond,” a combination of power, grace, great vocals and lush piano; this is simply the best track on which you could ever wish to end an album!

Eamonn Karran has grown into one of the foremost Celtic composers of his day.  His skills on piano and the artistic compositions created on this album are simply supreme.  Flowing with an untouchable confidence and hovering with a delicacy of respect, I’ll Be With You by Eamonn Karran is an album that would be impossible for me not to recommend, it is that good.