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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Liquid Mind VI: Spirit

Liquid Mind VI: Spirit, is the sixth release in Liquid Mind’s highly acclaimed tranquil series of deep relaxation music. Are your feet sore from the recent peace marches? Are you weary from listening to the daily news about Bush and his wish for war with Iraq? You need to listen to Liquid Mind VI: Spirit — ASAP. The first impressions that come to mind while listening to this album, are of being on a small airplane looking out to the western horizon after a beautiful sunset, absorbed in the deepening tones of twilight, looking through the clouds, immersed in a metaphoric state. This new music by Chuck Wild possesses that feeling of vast and expanding spaces, centered around rich, organic textures; wrapped in ethereal chords that move from major to minor to 9ths and back again, engulfed in billowing pads that seem to stretch out forever, ...truly an exemplary work.

The album slowly evolves with hushed and breathy shimmers of sound moving through an ocean of light; ominous vocal pads that resolve gracefully. Chuck Wild is a master musician that concisely wields his sonic paint brushes to create delicate aural landscapes of elegant simplicity. Liquid Mind VI is a tranquil, expertly crafted album that gets richer with each hearing. The mysteries and complexities of this album are endless, thoroughly engaging, enigmatic as the tones Wild is capable of coaxing from his instruments. Chuck Wild has succeeded once again in taking the art of ambient music to new dimensions.

The six songs on Spirit easily achieve what many musicians strive for their during their entire career: a moving, yet restrained work that can simultaneously reveal artful sensitivity balanced with adept technical accomplishment. From the opening, soothing textures of "Warm in You" (that could serve well as the opening title soundtrack of a motion picture) to the resplendent tones of "Velvet Morning", Liquid Mind VI leads the listener through a variety of well crafted, highly imaginative soundscapes. Liquid Mind VI: Spirit, is one of Wild's finest albums to date, and a wonderful, much anticipated addition to the Liquid Mind series. Highly recommended.

Ben Kettlewell