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Namaste Healing

Namaste Healing by Various Artists

Real Music has released another stellar compilation album this time with the theme of healing featuring ten of their outstanding artists serving up songs that will touch your soul and your body. Many times as we journey through this world which can very often be harsh and unyielding, we all are in need of healing regardless of whether that healing is for the body, or for the spirit, or for the mind. This collection of music will serve you well regardless of what kind of healing you might need. For those of us who have been involved with ambient and new age music for the last couple of decades, we know that the power of music transcends simple entertainment and many times can effect changes in the physical world through sound.
This collection gathers together songs from as far back as 1998 all the way through 2014 in an effort to collect in one compilation some of the finest healing music that has been recorded on the Real Music label.  Too often we think of healing as simply something that is a physical occurrence in the body as bones mend or wounds of the flesh heal over time. But our spirits and our minds can be wounded or damaged as we walk through our daily lives by the words and actions of others who are careless and do not consider the consequences of what they say or do. These invisible wounds are there nonetheless and can sometimes be healed through meditation or through the medium of music which can bring a heart or spirit to a place of peace which will allow it to heal these invisible hurts.
Namasté Healing brings some wonderfully peaceful music to bear on these invisible wounds which acts as a salve to bring relief to hurts that cannot readily be put into words.  With the talents of artists such as Liquid Mind (aka Chuck Wild), Peter Kater, Kevin Kern, and Kenio Fuke it is easy to see how this collection would be very helpful for anyone looking to quiet their minds and spirits so as to allow a deeper connection to self and to whatever a person links to in their understanding of the spiritual realm. The music chosen for this collection is both contemplative and reverential in that it allows a person to release those things that have wounded them and then to seek healing through the soothing and reflective music of these artists.
The calming effect of music is uncanny and you can feel the tensions drain out of your body as the songs of this collection immerse you in a warm blanket of reassurance and acceptance. Some of my favorite from this collection are “And the Light is Forever” by Kevin Kern, “My Life” by Kenio Fuke, and “Sparks of Love” by Frank Steiner, Jr. because they capture the very essence of this collection in that they are the very definition of the relaxing atmosphere that this collection hopes to create. All of the songs in this collection are worthy of being here and each will contribute to the overall healing of mind and spirt as they individually and collectively move the listener into a state of mind that will allow the extraordinary healing abilities that we all have within us to recover from even the worst of days, if we would but let ourselves be at peace for just a few moments. Running time on this album is around 66 minutes and that will surely give you time enough to begin the healing process in your own life. Recommended!

Michael Foster