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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes

Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes by Liquid Mind

The Fluidity of Sound
Liquid Mind’s latest album, Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes is truly therapy on a disc. Liquid Mind is the brainchild of Chuck Wild who has been providing extraordinary music to sooth the savage breast for over twenty years, but his career is much more far reaching. There is clinical evidence that shows Liquid Mind music relaxes, helps reduces stress and calms the spirit. His beatless atmospherics allow the music to flow and envelop the listener as they shape their own healing world. You cannot ask more from music that is also very entertaining.
It is ironic that while I listened to the first cut, “The Joy of Quiet Rain,” it rained on my metal roof and the patter complimented the music quite nicely. The tune has all the nuances of rain puddles on the path, big drops falling on sidewalks and the millions of dimples made on the nearby pond.  The thunder is heard in the distance, a sound from an angry God or angels playing games. I am a pluviophile, that is, a lover of rain and this piece certainly brought calmness to my spirit.
Ocean waves crash on the shore as the tune “Soft Focus” gets under way. It displays a leisurely melody almost like inorganic voice. It blends well with the surrealistic soundscape. I must say that the music took me back to my childhood where Mr. Letendre, the church organist at L'eglise Ste. Jean Le Baptiste, played interludes before high mass. The music soared to the rafters and was uplifting in every way. This tune does the same.
The storm awakens you. You look at the clock, hear the thunder and the rain and you get out of bed. Light comes from the window blinds and suddenly the rain is gone and a patch of blue can be seen. It is a good day. Just as quickly the rain returns, but you feel energized, almost electric at the thought of new challenges and new discoveries. Liquid Mind’s tune “Velvet Morning Rain” condenses your positive attitude into music that is refreshing and motivating without being raucous.

Waves make their way to the shore, the ebb and flow representing the breathing of the earth in the song “In Fields of Peace.” The music swells and then levels out to a muted melody. The waves in the background are like a watery pendulum marking time, offering a relaxing pace to our busy lives. Let us take a moment to slow down, and take pleasure in the waves.   
Drop by drop, the rain returns in the tune “Journey to Peace.” The song is very measured, but not sluggish.  he heavy rain that visited earlier has diminished, but it is not over. There is still the pale gray sky and the mist on the mountain with which to contend. There, I heard more drops. The calming music invites us to count the raindrops.
The final cut on the recording is called “Night Light.” As soon as I heard the first few bars, I could imagine the sky absent of all color, but given over the magical world of starlight.  Suns that are a million miles way give gemlike color to the sky. I envision a gentle ocean and the calming atmosphere when you know everything is in balance, at least for the moment.
There is something subliminal, some kind of nearly imperceptible audio frequency in the music that makes you calm. More than once I felt myself breathe easier. My movements more exact and my focus centered. Perhaps Liquid Mind offers us something often touted, but rarely produced by modern man. Let us thank Pythagoras and Liquid Mind, for the Music of the Spheres exists.
Rating: Excellent

RJ Lannan