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Yoga Meditations

Yoga Meditations by Sayama

Yoga Meditations is Sayama’s fourth album for Real Music and it represents yet another wonderful entry into the catalog of music that he has composed that will shift your consciousness into a meditative state in a very short order. For the most part when you put on an album that is to be used for meditation you want something that does not cause ripples in the pool of your mind, so to speak, but rather tones that hover over the surface of consciousness and gives you something to focus, but at the same time does not draw your mind into the music itself. It is a tricky situation that a composer finds themselves in when they want to create music that is both distinctive and yet not so much so as to break the centering that is needed during meditation. I am happy to report that Sayama with his Yoga Meditations album does a great job of supplying compositions that are perfectly attuned to creating an atmosphere that is both hypnotic and serene as you go in search of your inner realms.
The other thing that is essential on good meditation albums is that the music is seamless from track to track so as not to break the effect on the person doing the meditation. Sayama has created just such an album on Yoga Meditations with each track blending into the next so that it feels like a continuous journey instead of seven individual tracks on an album. The album runs a nice 61 minutes and 50 seconds which is great when it comes to entering into this state of mind, and is more than enough time to allow for the mind and the spirit to be stilled enough to benefit the listener seeking some inner illumination.
Sayama did a wonderful job on creating seven compositions that were able to be blended in such a way that the listener isn’t really aware of the ending of one song and the beginning of the next. As you approach the end of each track he has used the sound of waves lapping on the shore as a way to transition to the next composition in such a way that you are barely aware that a transition is even happening. I found the gongs, which were almost continual in the background of the songs, to be a soothing vibrational base from which the other instruments were played and was the perfect foundation on which to build. The instruments that Sayama used to build on this foundation were voice, piano, cello, temple bells, tingsha and tanboora and all were used to create an introspective landscape that leaves the listener in a reflective frame of mind.
It is apparent from the first sounding of the gong on track one as the journey begins that Sayama is a very directed composer and knows exactly what he needs to do to create music that will act as a catalyst for this inner journey among his listeners. The music is perfect for creating a meditative frame of mind but can also be listened to as a vehicle for destressing as your day ends and you want something that will help melt away your worries with beautiful tones that touch your heart and mind in equal measures. Sayama has melded the various instruments and the voices into an intricate multi-layered soundscape that highlights the impressive level of production that is evident on this release. Sayama is a talented recording artist who combines this artistry with his obvious understanding of meditation and what a seeker needs to help them fully embrace a meditative state of mind, and then proceeds to provide it with this excellent release called Yoga Meditations.

Michael Foster