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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


AquaEssence: An Ocean of Calm by Amberfern

Listening to the music of Amberfern is like traveling the world visiting secret gardens and enchanting forests.”  —Bette Timm about Amberfern’s Quiescence: A World At Peace

The gentle and mesmerising feeling of the sea drifts through this peaceful tapestry of smooth, liquid soundscapes. Close your eyes and sail with the music across wide, sunlit oceans to warm sandy shores, quiet harbors and even deep underwater to visit beautiful coral reefs.

With this, the second in his Elements series, Amberfern focuses on the ocean, musically capturing the fluidity of the seas that embrace our beautiful blue planet.

Watch the video for “Underwater” from this album.

Zabuca by Johannes Linstead

Zabuca (Shake up) is the perfect title for this infectious fourth album from one of the few real masters of the Spanish guitar. Zabuca burns with passionate and festive Latin joy, from the jubilant and brassy “La Cabañita” to the seductive and whimsical “La Rumbita.” The traditional-minded “Guayabera” combines Santanaesque groove with some of Johannes’ most heartfelt finger styling. The soft-spoken “Eleni” conveys his sweet, romantic side, while the two-part suite “Echoes of the Forest” combines meditative classical moods with the modern happy nouveau flamenco experience. For aficionados of nouveau flamenco music at its most lushly romantic, dust off the mariachis and prepare to shake it up with Zabuca!

Guitarra del Fuego by Johannes Linstead

Sensuous, sophisticated nouveau-flamenco guitar riffs flow like sangria, and Latin trumpet blows musical kisses sweeter than wine.” —New Age Retalier

Johannes’ third release, Guitarra del Fuego, with all its fiery flair, is beautiful and surprisingly tender nonetheless. The occasional gypsy violin and passionate rhythm and percussion portray dream-like visions and fantasy-laden romantic themes, nicely offset by fast-paced flourishes blazing from Johannes' well-tempered guitar. While occasional melancholy and pathos tug the heartstrings of the listener, this music brims with life, joy and happiness.

This album is a featured album for June. A discount of $2 will be applied at check out.


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