Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


In Search of the Magic by Jim Chappell

With its strong Contemporary Jazz feel, In Search of the Magic is pianist/compsers/arranger Jim Chappell's most rhythmic album to date. It was recorded “live” in the studio utilizing his touring band (sax, bass, and drums) with the addition of percussion and electric and acoustic guitars. The trademark Chappell melodies remain intact: In Search of the Magic makes a strong statement once again about his continually evolving talents.

Heart of a Gypsy by Govi

Heart of a Gypsy is a unique blend of original compositions, drawing on influences ranging from Caribbean to flamenco to the Orient. Accompanied by a variety of instruments, Govi’s distinctive guitar playing reflects joy and passion, capturing the true essence of a gypsy.

Cuchama by Govi

The fluid acoustic guitar and lilting rhythms that won Govi such popular acclaim on Heat of a Gypsy return again to cast their spell on Cuchama. Govi’s knack for catchy melodies combines with flamenco flair and a sprinkling of rainbow hues from Hawaii, South America, India and the Caribbean. Backed by tasteful keyboards, hand drums and instruments from around the world, Govi’s jubilant compositions and engaging guitar work create the enchanting magic that is Cuchama.

Lotus Land by Gandalf

All the dreamy qualities needed to carry you to the faraway lands of the mysterious Gandalf.” —Michael Debbage

Music being played from the very depth of the heart sometimes reflects a glimpse of the secret paradise within all of us, the boundless and eternal Lotus Land.

Earthsong & Stardance by Gandalf

Taking full advantage of his 30 years experience crafting music in harmony with the rhythm of nature, Gandalf presents a grand celebration in tribute “to the wonderful variety and beauty of the universe" with Earthsong and Stardance.  Masterfully blending his customary sounds with the Corso Wien Orchestra and a Sanskrit choir, the whole truly blurs the boundaries between earth and the stars.


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