Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


Liquid Mind XII: Peace by Liquid Mind

An incredibly timely record from Chuck Wild as he sees and seizes on the need for peace to start happening on a one-to-one basis... — Midwest Record

We begin resolving conflict by acknowledging that At the Center Is Love. Where there is a capacity for love, which all humans share, there can be peace. Peace is possible between any two willing individuals, regardless of background. It is this for which Liquid Mind XII: Peace was composed and is dedicated.

Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep by Liquid Mind

I felt a sense of positivity forming within the musical sphere created by the artist.” —

A follow-up to best-selling, Billboard Charting Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep, Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep is designed to enhance pre-sleep, and help maintain a peaceful state throughout the night with Liquid Mind’s signature, deeply calming, continuous blanket of sound where every note blends and melts into the next.

Watch the video for “Night Whispers” from Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep

Zen Pause by Thierry David

This is ambient music the way it should be — cool, calm and full of character.” —Bette Timm

The world of legendary ambient producer Thierry David is a mysterious one. Subtly developing keyboard motifs, trip-hop and down tempo electronic grooves take you on a journey toward inner peace. Hidden within this slowly unfolding, deeply evocative record lies Thierry David’s secret world, waiting to be discovered.

Zen World by Thierry David

Once upon a time there was Zen World — or how to slip into a pool of peace and serenity and get away from it all. On this new CD, characterized by its femininity, universality and grace, Thierry David opens the gateway to this world. The music is sweetly and sensitively enhanced in voice by four talented singers from Latin America, Asia and Europe for an incomparable moment of relaxation.

The Veil of Whispers by Thierry David

If you enjoy cinematic music that presents a soundtrack for the imagination, this is a great selection!” —

Layers and textures of rhythms and ethereal voices weave together for a sensual and relaxing hour of escape into yoga, massage or adventures into the imagination.

“Now was the perfect time to re-record the most significant of my titles and link them into one “story” to create a imaginary film score representing my own fantasy world, a world that creates a very special energy for the listener. The project provided the opportunity of working again with artists and friends I really appreciate, composer and percussionist Steve Shehan and multi-guitarist Claude Samard.” — Thierry David


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