Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


Island of Anywhere by Mike Howe

My desire with my compositions is to create soothing, melodic and catchy tunes that are presented simply, as an antidote to an oft-chaotic world filled with complexity. The guitar gives the melodies an acoustic clarity, allowing listeners to imagine themselves wherever they want to go, to their own personal Island of Anywhere. — Mike Howe

The Eleventh Hour by Mars Lasar

After the phenomenal success of his debut album Olympus, Australian composer/keyboardist Mars Lasar brings us 16 bold new songs — over 70 minutes of music — dedicated to hope for a world in crisis. From the soaring “Universe in Time” and “Corroboree” to the poignant “Hold On” and “Children of the World,” to the sensational title track, “The Eleventh Hour,” this is powerful music with a powerful message — there’s still time for change — listen closely.

Greenwoods: Upon a Celtic Path by Paul Machlis

...Catchy melodic hooks along with its renaissance charm makes Greenwoods an enchanting gem....” —Solo Piano

Paul Machlis’ lilting piano melodies embellished with uilleann pipes, whistle, cello, guitar and fiddle combine to produce a wondrous album steeped in the heart of the Celtic tradition. Reverence for the people, traditions and music infuses each Greenwoods track, capturing the mystery and magic of the Northern Isles.

Element Series: Water by Peter Kater

There is something almost Zen-like in the quality of the music. Pensive and hypnotic, yet expansive and graceful. This is not background fluff, this is quality escort music. It is sound that will guide you to that far away place, your inner sanctum or just somewhere you have always wanted to be, if only in your heart. —New Age Reporter

Crystal clear, transparent and full of all the rejuvenating and cleansing ions of a mountain stream, pristine lake or the purest ocean…Patient, poignant and very present, this music created for our times of relaxation, our times of needs and integration, and our time to be intimately connected to the very Substance of Life.


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