Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


All is One - One is All by Gandalf

Have you ever visited the Canary Island of La Palma, a place of never-ending spring? Wandering through the diversity of amazing landscapes on this unique isle lifted my spirit and opened my creative flow in a very special way, which I interpreted with my signature blending of guitars, keyboards and orchestral tones. I hope the music will transport you to such an uplifting and magical place as well.  —Gandalf, January 2016

Watch the video by Gandalf for “From the Depth of the Earth” from All is One - One is All

Falling Water Shimmering Strings by Chris Haugen

You can hear the sincere hippie in Haugen’s soul as this almost sounds like waves breaking in Malibu or Marin County.” —Midwest Record

It’s like someone swam far way to a beautiful lonely island.”
Six-year-old Fan

Passion for yoga and surfing inspired acclaimed guitarist Chris Haugen to express their influence in his latest album. Creativity abounds through a variety of guitars, Weissenborn, lap steel, and banjo combining to conjure flavors of India while Haugen’s countless hours with the ocean gently reveal some of surfing's allure. A unique and special recording for all whom the mysteries of sound and slow movement invite. Ideal for yoga, surfing and other meditative pursuits.

Watch the video for “Nautilus” from Falling Water Shimmering Strings

Momentum by Frank Steiner, Jr.

Whenever Frank Steiner, Jr. presents a new release, you can be certain the enchantment lies on the horizon. Or, to be more specific, enchantment with an edge of jazzy elegance, multicultural essence, and plenty of examples of beautiful composition work” —Music Design in Review

Exotically shamanic, softly jazzy, rhythmically expressive — all given voice by this master of global musical genres. With some pieces solo piano, some lightly orchestrated, others gently tribal with accompanying world percussion, Steiner has created a work capturing the power of movement. 

Listed best of 2015 by Michael Debbage of MainlyPiano!

Garden of Delight by Paul Avgerinos

A magic carpet ride with Paul Avgerinos through the splendorous cradle of civilization, featuring guest artist Omar Faruk Tekbilek. This music is exotic, sensual, hypnotic, mysterious, and enchanting — Middle East dances with West — blissful joy in the Garden of Delight.

Time Stands Still by Mike Howe

Like a child's favorite toy or a warm summer’s stroll, unadorned, gentle guitar songs bring a comfort that nurtures the soul. Inspired by the nature of the Welsh national park where he lives and works as an ecologist, Mike Howe’s gorgeous first album offers 15 original compositions that will be a welcome pause in any day... A respite when time truly stands still.

Nominated 2009 “Best New Artist” by Zone Music


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