Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


Zen Breakfast by Karunesh

Weaving exotic voices and cross-cultural elements through his sparkling tapestry, Karunesh finds that perfect balance point where classical, world and healing music join, carefully coaxing love’s caress from every note. Zen Breakfast is sacred music from far off visionary places that touch the heart very so close to home.

Path of Compassion by Karunesh

A collection from Karunesh (Sanskrit for “compassion”) created especially for yoga, massage and other delights — with two great new tracks! ”I want to go beyond the limits and barriers separating different cultures, mixing different music styles and letting them flow and dance together. Music touches people across all nations, cultures, religions and beliefs — music for body, heart and soul.” Karunesh

Nirvana Cafe by Karunesh

Between the worlds of awake and sleep are welcoming inns and cafes where travelers can rest and acclimatize. At such places, wayfarers often connect with a wise one or simply bask in the music of the spheres before continuing on their way. Virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Karunesh serves exquisite fare at Nirvana Café, melodic rhythms artfully and at times spiritedly blended with an array of flutes, strings, piano, keyboards and percussion. On guitar, guest artist Govi conjures the language of desire, mystery and joy. Stop by for a sip of cosmic nectar or linger over an entire meal at the Nirvana Café.

O'r Mabinogi: Legends of the Celts by Ceredwen

...full of enchanting vocals, infectious rhythms and sparkling instrumental work.” —

Each night in great halls up and down the land, storytellers recounted the heroic deeds of their Celtic kings and queens. Seeming to step between this world and the Celtic Otherworld, Ceredwen has masterfully crafted a hauntingly familiar musical journey. With mysterious Welsh voice and ancient musical threads, Ceredwen lifts the veil of the Mabinogion.

Enlightened Love by BlueMonk / Rasull Soon

The pieces are simultaneously beautiful, splendorous and deeply relaxing. BlueMonk and Teredasai are master musicians, and this unique recording is a valuable asset to any healer, meditator or anyone else looking for an aid to relaxation and mindfulness.”  —Bette Timm

A collection of nine eclectic world music compositions composed by BlueMonk and featuring Rajendra Teredesai on bansuri and Native American flutes. The music spans soft and ethereal tracks like “Mindfulness,” “Alicia’s Dream” and “Letting Go,” along with authentic world sounds like “Cosmic Zen,” “Journey Within” and “Ancient Wisdom.” The music is ideally suited to therapeutic practices like yoga, t’ai chi, meditation and personal and spiritual awakening, as well as relaxation and easy listening. The artist sincerely hopes that you enjoy this carefully crafted work.


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