Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


The Sacred Fire by Nicholas Gunn

On his debut album, we spent an Afternoon in Sedona with flutist/multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Gunn exploring the spirit of the magnificent Southwestern desert landscape. The Sacred Fire captures Gunn’s eternal reverence for Mother Earth and the sounds that echo from ancient peoples who once tread delicately upon it. On tracks such as “Odessa,” lush orchestrations punctuated by percussive tribal beats and stirring vocals burn with the intensity of primitive dance, while the tender romantic ballad “Midnight Hour” embraces us under a moonlit sky warmed by the beat of fire’s dying embers. Gunn says, “The Sacred Fire symbolizes strength, romance, power and sensuality — a true reflection of life.”

Greenwoods: Upon a Celtic Path by Paul Machlis

...Catchy melodic hooks along with its renaissance charm makes Greenwoods an enchanting gem....” —Solo Piano

Paul Machlis’ lilting piano melodies embellished with uilleann pipes, whistle, cello, guitar and fiddle combine to produce a wondrous album steeped in the heart of the Celtic tradition. Reverence for the people, traditions and music infuses each Greenwoods track, capturing the mystery and magic of the Northern Isles.

One by Mark Ciaburri

Remember when you’ve heard music so beautiful that it captured you, lifted you up, opened your heart and mind? Perhaps you were having a massage, doing yoga or just being silent but whatever you were doing, you wanted that music to continue. This is the music of One. Music to keep you there. Over an hour of guitars, tablas, oboe, cello, tamboura, harp, English horn, voice and many other soft sounds woven together with no abrupt changes, the timing set to the gentle rhythm of the ocean.

Element Series: Water by Peter Kater

There is something almost Zen-like in the quality of the music. Pensive and hypnotic, yet expansive and graceful. This is not background fluff, this is quality escort music. It is sound that will guide you to that far away place, your inner sanctum or just somewhere you have always wanted to be, if only in your heart. —New Age Reporter

Crystal clear, transparent and full of all the rejuvenating and cleansing ions of a mountain stream, pristine lake or the purest ocean…Patient, poignant and very present, this music created for our times of relaxation, our times of needs and integration, and our time to be intimately connected to the very Substance of Life.


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