Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


No Strings Attached by Govi

No Strings Attached celebrates master guitarist Govi at his exuberant best. This album jumps with a lively, tropical beat. Govi’s intoxicating rhythms spiced with Andean pan pipes, timbails and Indian tablas lend a world music flavor to his dazzling virtuosity. No Strings Attached brings together his liveliest tracks in a free-spirited fiesta of sound, featuring selections from Guitar Odyssey, Passion & Grace, Cuchama, Heart of a Gypsy, and Andalusian Nights.

Heart of a Gypsy by Govi

Heart of a Gypsy is a unique blend of original compositions, drawing on influences ranging from Caribbean to flamenco to the Orient. Accompanied by a variety of instruments, Govi’s distinctive guitar playing reflects joy and passion, capturing the true essence of a gypsy.

Guitar Odyssey by Govi

Govi sets the spirits soaring and the hips swaying on Guitar Odyssey, an intoxicating blend of guitars sweetened with breezy South American pan pipes and sensual rhythms. With a treasure chest full of tracks encompassing the high spirited “Sales of Joy,” the soulful rhumba of “Treasure Bay,” and the romantic tenderness of “Your Lingering Touch,” Govi’s virtuosity is showcased on guitar Odyssey, a truly joyful adventure.

Cuchama by Govi

The fluid acoustic guitar and lilting rhythms that won Govi such popular acclaim on Heat of a Gypsy return again to cast their spell on Cuchama. Govi’s knack for catchy melodies combines with flamenco flair and a sprinkling of rainbow hues from Hawaii, South America, India and the Caribbean. Backed by tasteful keyboards, hand drums and instruments from around the world, Govi’s jubilant compositions and engaging guitar work create the enchanting magic that is Cuchama.

Sanctuary by Gandalf

We all long for some kind of protected zone in our lives, a place to withdraw from the noise and craziness in the world, a refuge of balance and peace. Some find it in the silence of a forest, in the remoteness of mountains or the rolling waves by the seaside. Some find it in sacred places, praying or practicing meditation. Listeners all over the world tell me how my music helps them cope with the challenges of life. Please feel welcome to enter my musical Sanctuary. — Gandalf


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