Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

piano and soft orchestration

Spirit of Nature by Kenio Fuke

Spirit of Nature is like the musical equivalent of a perfect summer day. The piano is Fuke's instrument of expertise, and his style is tender and emotional with a drop of romantic wistfulness. Fuke's piano is accented by flutes and strings, which give the music a serene, classic new age music feel. The melodies are heartfelt and memorable, with a mellow, unhurried pace.”  —Music Design

I want my music to lightly and simply touch the listener’s heart, like a leaf falling gently onto soft grass. Like experiencing the quiet beauty of a sunset. I would like for my music to offer listeners an opportunity to sense the freedom within and discover their own unique paths to happiness and inner peace. — Kenio Fuke

Element Series: Water by Peter Kater

There is something almost Zen-like in the quality of the music. Pensive and hypnotic, yet expansive and graceful. This is not background fluff, this is quality escort music. It is sound that will guide you to that far away place, your inner sanctum or just somewhere you have always wanted to be, if only in your heart. —New Age Reporter

Crystal clear, transparent and full of all the rejuvenating and cleansing ions of a mountain stream, pristine lake or the purest ocean…Patient, poignant and very present, this music created for our times of relaxation, our times of needs and integration, and our time to be intimately connected to the very Substance of Life.

Element Series: Fire by Peter Kater

Like fire blazing across a dry mountain meadow, our creative and passionate instincts can carry us to places we’ve never been. Cultivating our inner flame can lead to intuition, purity and power. Let this music be your guide to that place where everything is possible, that place of Eternal Sunshine.

2007 Gammy Nomination

Relaxing Melodies of Nature by Kenio Fuke

The complexities and mysteries of Nature have perplexed even the most illustrious scientists of our time; but though its ineffable beauty has confounded the intellect, Brazilian pianist Kenio Fuke has captured its heart. As you listen, imagine yourself lying in soft grass under the canopy of a majestic tree, filtered rays of sun warming your skin and soothing your being.

Acoustic piano and keyboards with light layers of strings and a touch of guitar and oboe, each track a rare gem.

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