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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


This music is composed, arranged and performed by pianists and the piano is featured in the recordings; however, these artists are often accomplished multi-instrumentalists as well and have also invited other musicians to record with them.

Flow by The Haiku Project

A masterpiece of transcendental synthesized sounds.”  —

A mystical blending of heavenly symphonic washes, ambient tones and articulate piano. Haiku presents a wondrous, deeply relaxing work that sustains focus for all 67 minutes.

softly reflective

connecting all with the self

awash with pleasure


This title is a re-release.

 Watch the video for "Eternity"

The Haiku Project


Although Danish, Henrik Hytteballe chose haiku, the Japanese poetic form, as the artist name for his solo compositions; attracted to the beauty and simplicity in haiku poetry, the nature references in the traditional form, and how the meaning in the juxtapositions is sensed.

There are many references to the natural world in Haiku’s music, reflecting a range of emotions from loss, pain, and despair, to faith, love, and happiness. However, the intention is to create music that contains beauty, which is so much more than what we usually think.

Distant Sun by Eamonn Karran

Delightfully enchanting throughout, this is a fine example of a very special kind of mostly solo work that doesn't need anything but your ears and attention to complete it.” —Midwest Record

There’s a tender Celtic touch to Northern Irishman Eamonn Karran’s fine piano artistry. In listening, you’ll also discover something more. The influence of worlds beyond is perceptible, adding a unique mystery to the appropriately titled Distant Sun, as well as a glimpse into the heart of its composer. Featuring piano, synthesizer and uilleann pipes.

Watch the video for “Celtic Storm” from this album.

Eamonn Karran

Eamonn Karran

My love for the piano began at age seven when my parents bought an upright for the family. I naturally connected with it and sat for hours listening to music on the radio and finding the keys to play the notes I was hearing. In this way I gradually taught myself to play and developed my own unique style. Teenage years drew me to ambient space music and many happy hours were spent exploring the musical minds of artists that included Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Clannad.

Daytime Dreamer by Omar Akram

After copping a Grammy for his third record Echoes of Love, Omar is back with a full-on sonic assault to make sure he does it again. Not exactly pop, he does turn it up a notch loading the new age deck with pop and jazz smarts, keeping it buoyant, upbeat and winkingly sassy.” —Chris Spector, Midwest Record

After celebrating his 2012 Grammy-winning Echoes of Love, Omar softens the mood to serenade us with the romantic melodies of Daytime Dreamer. Featuring six brand new tracks and five previously released selections, the familiar splashes of Omar's signature world textures (oud, duduk, violin and guitar) weave back and forth in a sublime dance with his exquisite piano compositions.

Watch the video for “The Promise”


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