Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


This music is composed, arranged and performed by pianists and the piano is featured in the recordings; however, these artists are often accomplished multi-instrumentalists as well and have also invited other musicians to record with them.

Day of Life by Bernward Koch

Koch takes you to a world full of peace and magic, where the melodies and sounds are part of the context that creates the magnificent compositions.” —

Each track conjures an idyllic day, a dreamy journey through nature, as though Monet’s pastels have come to life. Concerns float away while basking in this gorgeous hour of Koch’s signature music. Describing his recording process for Day of Life, Koch said, “Flooded with good memories, I became more in the composing of it.” You can become more in the listening.

Watch the video for the first track on Day of Life.

AquaEssence: An Ocean of Calm by Amberfern

Listening to the music of Amberfern is like traveling the world visiting secret gardens and enchanting forests.”  —Bette Timm about Amberfern’s Quiescence: A World At Peace

The gentle and mesmerising feeling of the sea drifts through this peaceful tapestry of smooth, liquid soundscapes. Close your eyes and sail with the music across wide, sunlit oceans to warm sandy shores, quiet harbors and even deep underwater to visit beautiful coral reefs.

With this, the second in his Elements series, Amberfern focuses on the ocean, musically capturing the fluidity of the seas that embrace our beautiful blue planet.

Watch the video for “Underwater” from this album.

Dreamweaver by Gandalf

Dreamweaver is pure enchantment, another top-notch release from Gandalf!” — Music Design

Threads of guitar, flutes, Irish whistles, cello, piano, percussion and atmospheric wizardry seemlessly blend into an enchanting harmony that is unmistakably Gandalfian.

Featured on The Echoes Top 25 for Feburary 2013 by John Dilberto

Nominated for a 2013 ZMR Music Award for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

Watch the video for “Reaching for the Sky” from Dreamweaver on YouTube.

Comfort Music 2 by Various Artists

The Comfort Music voyage continues as you sail across the oceans, lifted out of your worries, only to discover the treasure that comfort is deep inside you. Wherever you are. Everything about the Comfort Music 2 journey says, “you can relax now.”


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