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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

soft percussion

Olympus by Mars Lasar

“For as long as I can remember, I have been intrigued by music and its power to affect people. By combining certain elements on the piano, keyboard and synthesizer, and adding percussion, strings, etc., I can express any emotion and visually crate a picture to trigger a memory, not only for myself but for others as well. I sincerely hope that my form of communication touches you within.” — Mars Lasar

Beyond The Sundial by Kevin Kern

Kevin’s highly successful debut album, In the Enchanted Garden, has become an international classic. His beautiful piano playing again captivates us, this time complemented by the exquisite oboe and English horn playing of Paul McCandless. With the simple elegance of a contemporary Chopin, Kevin’s melodies effortlessly unfold glorious images of the enchantment which beckons from Beyond the Sundial.

Wave Hands Like Clouds by Buedi Siebert

Very gentle Chinese melodies will wash over your mind and heart, sometimes it blends so delicately into the ether than you’re barely aware of it.”  —

Virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Buedi Siebert has composed this album to be ideal for contemplating a gentler way of life, the music a manifestation of harnessing the gentle way for a great power, which requires nothing more than simply listening.

One day the tree said to the grass, do you not wish that you were tall and powerful like I when you bend at the merest puff of wind? The grass considered what the tree had said. One day a great storm arrived and a huge gust hit the tree, cracking its trunk. As the tree lay upon the ground gasping its last breath, the grass said, I like dancing with the wind.

Pyramid Call by Buedi Siebert

Within the resonant chambers of the Great Pyramid lies the ancient wisdom that guided its creation. Masterful musician Buedi Siebert experienced a profound trance state within the King’s Chamber and playing an extensive range of instruments, captured the immense power of the pyramid’s sacred voice on this recording made within it. An exquisite hour of listening and if you’re receptive, access to the inner sanctum of a global treasure.


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