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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Amazing Sounds

Element Series: Earth

In Fire we find seven compositions full of sensitivity and romanticism. The music turns out to be relaxing, at times melancholic, at times blissful, with some mystery touches, with warm textures and soft colors. Almost all the themes are rhythmic, even though not quite fast, and give the leading role to the melodies. The piano has a very important protagonism throughout the entire album. Seven compositions aimed at making the listener dream.

Shadow Mist & Light

This is a very personal album; a series of fresh pieces, full of feeling, in some occasions introspective, and in some others much more cheerful. In this work, the harp has a remarkable role, and it is perhaps here where Peter’s skills are most outstanding. The artist also uses numerous instruments. And he has surrounded himself with a team of splendid musicians, as for example William Aura, Richard Hardy, Robin Miller, Elizabeth Ursic, and Fitz-Hugh Jenkins, among others.

Element Series: Air

With his usual style, romantic, sweet and melodic, Peter Kater has composed for this album four beautiful instrumental pieces, which range from the most folk side in his style, and the most meditative or ambient side. Some compositions or parts are merry, even boisterous, whereas others have a certain melancholy touch. The music reaches deep inside when listened to with due attention and peace of mind. In a word, this is a very pleasant work to listen to.

Comfort Music 2

In this album we have an exquisite collection of instrumental compositions, coming from various albums of the duo Back to Earth, the winner of a platinum disc in Europe. The music made by Back to Earth is rich in melodies, carefully elaborated, and a romantic character. Another important trait of the compositions resides in the orchestrations, an element that contributes much of the emotional strength of the music.

Liquid Mind VII: Reflection

Using synthesizers to create a heavenly, magical world, Liquid Mind performs six pieces of a soft, romantic, magic, and deliberate style, whose structure quite reminds the listener of that of Classical Music. The music turns out to be dreamy, even oniric, with ethereal sounds, cosmic textures and a careful musical sensitivity that make this album an ideal vehicle for relaxation and meditation. The cosmic style present in the album is melodic and symphonic, often with spectacular orchestrations.


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