Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Ambient Visions

All is One – One is All

All is One - One is All by Gandalf

Gandalf is an easily recognized name for many in the new age instrumental community, and the music that he has produced over the years has been a testament not only to his considerable talents and his dedication to creating music that would satisfy his own inspired visions of what he wanted to accomplish with each new release, but also meets the needs of those dedicated listeners who call themselves fans of Gandalf's musical legacy.

Yoga Meditations

Yoga Meditations by Sayama

Yoga Meditations is Sayama’s fourth album for Real Music and it represents yet another wonderful entry into the catalog of music that he has composed that will shift your consciousness into a meditative state in a very short order. For the most part when you put on an album that is to be used for meditation you want something that does not cause ripples in the pool of your mind, so to speak, but rather tones that hover over the surface of consciousness and gives you something to focus, but at the same time does not draw your mind into the music itself.

Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep

Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep

As a long time listener of Liquid Mind, aka Chuck Wild, I have to admit that there is something about the music that he composes that simply harmonizes with the body and mind’s natural vibrations and just allows you to relax and destress to a remarkable degree. That’s not to say that other artists’ music doesn’t accomplish the same thing at times, but with Liquid Mind compositions it doesn’t appear to be happenstance that each album reaches that goal almost naturally.


Glimpses by The Haiku Project

Glimpses is the second album to be released on the Real Music label from The Haiku Project who is actually Danish musician Henrik Hytteballe. Glimpses is a twelve song, 70-minute peaceful journey that offers up a varied sound palette that is both relaxing and still able to hold the listener’s attention as it weaves a most thoughtful sonic space through well-written and produced music.


kuTumba by Sacred Earth

Sacred Earth is one of those groups whose compositions quite simply shift your consciousness immediately into a place of peace once the music starts to play. No matter what mood you might be in when you hit the play button, their songs will allow you to shed the distractions that we all seem to accumulate each day and bring out the inner you that is very often hidden away because there are so very few times during most days that we can relax and be who we truly are.


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