Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Ambient Visions


Remembering by Bernward Koch

Bernward Koch has been a great artist for Real Music since he signed with the label way back in 1998, and he has created six wonderful albums since becoming part of the label. Remembering is the seventh and once again his music resonates with feelings and emotions signature to Koch.

Waves of Life

Waves of Life by Ashaneen

While the artist known as Ashaneen may not be a household name in the new age/ambient community in the U.S., he has a rather large body of work available on his website through his Bandcamp page. Ashaneen, which means inner peace, is the artistic name of Piotr Janeczek who hails from Warsaw, Poland. Ashaneen’s new album and his first for the Real Music label is called Waves of Life, and will make a fine introduction of his style of music to listeners who have come to appreciate the quality music that this San Francisco Bay Area based label has released over the years.


Momentum by Frank Steiner, Jr.

With Momentum, which is Frank Steiner, Jr.’s 4th album release since 1998, he has created an intricate musical landscape that moves easily between several styles of music, and yet the flow of the album as a whole feels very homogenous and unified as you move from song to song. Momentum is unusual in the sense that each of the songs on this project are between 9 and 11 minutes long which allows Steiner to really pull the listener into each of the compositions in a way that shorter songs do not allow.

Namaste Yoga

With another release in the Namasté series of albums, Real Music has once again gathered together some exceptional songs around a common theme. This time Real Music has delved into their catalog of music to find songs that support the practice of yoga hence, the album title Namasté Yoga. This album features nine songs by six artists that will give the listener a little more than an hour to fully enter into their practice of yoga and put them into the proper state of mind with which to obtain the most benefit from their time invested.

Crosswinds - World Flute Conversations

Crosswinds by Rajendra Teredesai set out to explore the diversity of flute music from all over the world through compositions that would embody the essence of these styles. Teredesai’s purpose was to expose the listener to the cultural heritage of a single instrument as experienced from locations as far flung as China, Arabia, Bali, India, Tibet, and compositions that represent Native Americans here in the U.S.


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