Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


Relaxing Melodies of Nature

Mixing melodies with nature sounds is a common practice amongst New Age musicians these days. But it's not the mix that is important; it's the quality of the music that makes the mix work. Kenio Fuke is a Brazilian pianist and this is his debut album with Real Music. It is not disappointing. Rather, the quality of the piano work to achieve a relaxing yet interesting mood is top shelf. The piano compositions are contemplative but never unduly so; light but not unimaginative. I found the titles appropriate for the tracks, eliciting a visual to accompany the melodies.

Silent Star

Bernward Koch is a well-respected German New Age/Ambient Artist. With eight albums to his credit, Silent Star shows off Koch's talent with keyboards, synthesizer and programming. These compositions are inspired by Otto Lilienthal, an inventor and "father of flight" that Koch has always admired. The tunes are light, almost shimmering in their appeal, with the piano melodies adding that special Koch magic that makes his works appealing. This CD has some very catchy melodies that stand out in the fourteen tracks that comprise this album.

Quiescence: A World at Peace by Amberfern

Clive Brooks, also known as Amberfern, produces meditative and healing new age music. He lives in England's New Forest National Park, and you can hear the natural influences in his music that have no doubt been absorbed from his surroundings. This CD can be categorized as World Music as you can hear the influences from a variety of world cultures in his compositions. Clive uses drums, vibes, synths and more to create a sound palette that interweaves music that at heart contains elements of ambient, new age and electronica.

Enlightened Love

Rasull Soon, who performs as BlueMonk, presents us with striking and haunting melodies in his debut CD. BlueMonk delights us with his soft and seductive piano and on certain tracks combines with the wonderful talent of flautist Rajendra Teredesai, whose compositions complement Blue Monk's piano. Mr. Teredesai is a well-known and respected Indian flautist, who provides us with some incredibly beautiful Indian bansuri or Native American flutes. The constant theme is soft, relaxing and mood setting background music to enhance your space.

Enchanted Piano

For the last decade Kevin Kern has shown that he has a flair for new age music and he is both a talented performer as well as a creative composer. As Kevin speaks of his bond with his piano you would think that he was talking about a person with whom he had spent a lifetime walking and talking with. As you listen to him playing his compositions from the Enchanted Piano album on his beloved Steinway B, you will find yourself entering into that same friendship along with Kevin.


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