Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Elements Series: Etheria

Elements Series: Etheria

Etheria is the new fifth volume of The Elements Series that Peter Kater recorded on the Real Music label back in 2005. I loved those albums, which were titled Air, Earth, Water, and Fire, so it came as a very pleasant surprise that there was a fifth installment created almost ten years later. Kater’s piano and synthesizers are accompanied on some of the seven tracks by Richard Hardy on bamboo flutes, and soprano and tenor saxophones.

Element Series: Etheria

Back in 2005 Peter Kater created the Element Series via four separate individual discs simply entitled Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Close to a decade later Kater decided to add to the Elements Series and return to the spatial and ambient themes and revisit the mellow magic courtesy of his latest release Etheria.

Always Near - A Romantic Collection

Always Near - A Romantic Collection by Kevin Kern

Always Near: A Romantic Collection is a collection of fourteen of pianist/composer Kevin Kern's most beautiful and romantic pieces. Kern began his recording career with Real Music in 1996 and recorded ten albums on the label, not counting the many compilations that incorporate his music. Beloved around the world — and especially in Korea — Kern is one of the best and most expressive pianists on the planet. Some of his music sounds deceptively simple, but it takes a master to say so much with so little. Seeing Kern perform live will leave just about anyone breathless!

AquaEssence: An Ocean of Calm

AquaEssence: An Ocean of Calm is Amberfern’s third release on the Real Music label, following Quiescence: A World At Peace (2011) and Mediterranean (2012). Recorded and mixed along the southwest coastline of England, Amberfern (Dr. Clive Brooks) performs on Shakuhachi flute, acoustic and electric guitars, grand piano, electric piano, congas, hand percussion, Celtic harp, bass guitars, synthesizers, and the sounds of ocean waves. Dedicated to his daughter and her new husband, this album is just over an hour of peaceful, calming music.

Daytime Dreamer

Daytime Dreamer by Omar Akram

Daytime Dreamer is the fifth Real Music release from Omar Akram and the follow-up to his 2012 Grammy-winning Echoes of Love. Performing on piano, keyboards and synthesizers, Omar is joined by an impressive roster of supporting musicians that includes David Arana, Pedro Eustache, Ramon Stagnaro, Charlie Bisharat, and Gregg Karukas. As the title implies, this music is warm and dreamy, sometimes gently flowing and sometimes a bit more upbeat and lively. Six of the eleven tracks are new, and five are previously released.


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