Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

The Winding Path

Back in 1996, the burgeoning label Real Music introduced the world to the magical and captivating music of Kevin Kern. His debut, In The Enchanted Garden, was (for lack of a better word) enchanting. Due to the strength of Kern’s debut, he has been unable to surpass himself; that is until now. Without a shadow of a doubt The Winding Path will take you on a surreal journey to the center of your heart and back again.

This Moment Now

There is no moment like the present to enjoy the music of 2002. During this time of chaos and upheaval the music of Randy and Pamela Copus is enchanting and evocative with both sensual and spiritual qualities. This Moment Now contains all the lush and lovable qualities of their past glories that there is no doubting that this album too will become a resident on the Billboard charts. It only seemed like yesterday that I reviewed the compilation project The Scared Well and here we are again with This Moment Now.

Imagination’s Light

Kevin Kern released his debut album back in 1996. One year shy of a decade he continues his business and creative relationship with Real Music and throughout that artistic period has been one of the labels most consistent composers. His music is simple and surreal with an eloquent beauty that is exquisite and haunting at the same time. Imagination’s Light falls utterly under the same category bringing a continued high level quality of music one has come to expect from this Steinway artist. What is impressive with this album is that there are no fillers at all.

Enlightenment: A Sacred Collection

German-born artist Karunesh migrated to the exotic Hawaiian Islands back in 1992 and clearly his tropical retreat has resulted in some very inspiring music. Merging his more commercial sensibilities with mystical meditative qualities, Karunesh has recorded four valuable albums for Real Music, highlighted by the exceptional Call Of The Mystic, released back in 2004. Enlightenment: A Sacred Collection represents the label’s effort to encapsulate his four recordings in one tidy package.


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