Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


Despite the stellar results of his last recording Lotus Land, it didn’t quite keep the momentum of his pinnacle Real Music recording Sacred River. As for his latest endeavor Sanctuary, though the title is common and overused in the New Age genre, there is absolute nothing ordinary about the magnificent musical contents. Although Gandalf has been around for what seems to be forever, this does not seem to dilute his creative juices which are clearly obvious on his latest offering that is equal to or even exceeds the wonders of Sacred River.

The Veil of Whispers

The Veil of Whispers is the third Real Music release from French musician/composer Thierry David, and is a collection of thirteen pieces the artist considers to be his “most significant,” re-recorded and compiled to become the soundtrack to David’s own fantasy world. Thierry David has lived for extended periods of time in different parts of the world, including time spent as a student at the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston, and the musical influences from various cultures are a natural component of his music.

Earthsong & Stardance

Gandalf is one of the pioneers of the New Age movement quite capable of migrating from ambient to electronic to the meditative sub genres with no loss of credibility. Despite the exceptional standard of his last 3 recordings, the musical wizard’s wanderlust approach has somehow been thwarted via these semi-meditative gems. However, Earthsong & Stardance breaks this contemplative streak as Gandalf presents his listeners with one of his most progressive recordings in years.

Earthsong & Stardance

Earthsong & Stardance is an amazing “Symphony Of The Third Millenium” created to celebrate composer/multi-instrumentalist Gandalf’s 30th anniversary as a performing artist. It is also “a tribute to the wonderful variety and beauty of the universe, to the miracle of all life and being” (quoted from the liner notes). Gandalf appears on acoustic and electric guitars, saz, electric sitar, piano, organ, keyboards, mallets, and orchestral percussion; he is also half of the Sanskrit choir.

Namasté Massage

I have always felt that the people at Real Music have a magical touch when it comes to assembling outstanding compilation albums, and their Namasté Massage further proves my point. Aside from the pure pleasure of the music, the liner notes state: “The music carefully selected for this album is designed to facilitate a state of deep relaxation where healing and rejuvenation can occur.” Whether or not massage is part of your lifestyle, this music is rich, warm, and beautifully recorded, providing a soothing massage for the mind while creating a relaxed and comforting


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