Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Enlightened Love

Enlightened Love is the Real Music debut by multi-instrumentalist/composer Blue Monk. The album contains nine eclectic world music tracks that feature Rajendra Teredesai on bansuri and Native American flutes. Blue Monk performs on piano, keyboards, percussion, and ethnic instruments.

Enchanted Piano

Enchanted Piano is Kevin Kern’s tenth release on the Real Music label and his first all solo piano album — finally! If you have been fortunate enough to see Kern playing solo in concert, you have a good idea of what an incredible pianist he is. He started picking out melodies on the piano at the amazing age of eighteen months, and studied music through a Master’s Degree in Performance from The New England Conservatory of Music, so he is an exceptionally well-trained as well as remarkably gifted musician.

Echoes of Love

It’s been five years since Omar Akram’s last album, Secret Journey, and ten years since his debut, Opal Fire, was released under his first name only (as was Free As a Bird in 2004). One of the more colorful and impassioned artists on the Real Music label, Omar has reemerged a bit mellower and more relaxed as a new husband and soon-to-be first-time father. His world music vision is still a very big part of this album, but there is a much more romantic feeling to this release than some of the high-energy tracks on previous albums.

Island of Anywhere

Apparently it is becoming an annual event to expect a new creative release from the Welsh guitarist who has somehow managed to release three releases in the same amount of years. How he manages to write his beautiful music at his current rate is amazing. And while this is once again another splendid creation, there is this underlying feeling of diminished returns as Howe continues to play it safe with his unobtrusive pastoral instrumental mix found on Island of Anywhere. Though be ready for a few surprises.

Island of Anywhere

Island of Anywhere is the third solo acoustic guitar release from Welsh composer and ecologist Mike Howe. Howe’s first two albums with the Real Music label, Time Stands Still (2009) and Round River (2010), provide listeners with a peaceful respite from the hectic pace and harsh realities of everyday life, and Island of Anywhere picks up the thread where the other two albums left off. Most of the seventeen tracks are solo acoustic guitar and a few feature Howe on bass, keyboards, and percussion as well.


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