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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Midwest Record


Life by The Haiku Project

An impressionistic look at what goes on between being and not being, Henrik Hytteballe turns his new age ear toward off the beaten path matters like a cow coming in to being, and turtles needing to be saved. With a religious undertone running through his compositions, you can feel the sacred view he has for living things. Not egghead stuff at all, this is solid listening material that takes you to that peaceful viewing stand from where you want to observe it all.

I'll Be With You

I'll Be With You by Eamonn Karran

More interested in quality over quantity, Karran took his time making this nu-Celtic set and it’s real, first class, roamin’ thru the gloamin’ music as you can feel the fairies, sprites, and trolls romping through the mist. A solid journey of old and new, this is a fine trip through the Ireland of your mind that may exist—or not. Well done and a first class audio getaway.


Eternal by Kevin Wood

In the past, this is the kind of set that you'd give points to for creativity, but in the end you would feel like it just lays there ... but times change. Is it chant? Is it electronic? Is it keyboard? It's all that with lots of stuff sampled and woven through making it a kind of groundbreaking alternative adult pop! Assuredly at the left of center, granola category, it doesn't try to break your teeth as you crunch down, and it keeps swinging the doors of your mind and ears open. Wood's Eternal is a great next-stream date for the new age genre.

She by Peter Kater

She by Peter Kater

As the recent, long overdue Grammy award after twelve nominations proves, who doesn’t like Peter Kater?

In the award’s wake, Kater turns it up a notch including vocalist Peia Luzzi to add more color to the background than he could have with his battery of synths. As always, a sweeping, engrossing recording full of mental getaway music, Kater takes new age to an after-hours place of its own where those looking to escape are always welcome. Another winning entry in the Kater canon.”

Liquid Mind XII: Peace

Liquid Mind XII: Peace

by Liquid Mind
An incredibly timely record from Chuck Wild as he sees and seizes on the need for peace to start happening on a one-to-one basis — in case you hadn’t noticed all the hate in the air from every direction these days. A charm to slay the on charging hater, this is a sonic blanket to wrap yourself in, not a sonic sand pile to stick your head in. Symphonic and cinematic in scope, this is the kind of stuff to get people to put a little love in their heart, and equally a statement for the times and a piece of well-done music.


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