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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Midwest Record Recap


Hypnosis by Thierry David

It takes a special talent to make a series of albums that are dreamscapes and soundscapes for the mind and David has the uncanny ability to do so. Taking his time between releases might be one of his secret weapons. A lovely set of musical vignettes for the over-burdened mind that may have forgotten how to let go a bit, the electronic maestro comes through again for adults that want to chill, whether on the massage table or not. Do not attempt to use heavy equipment while listening. Check it out.

Guitarra del Fuego

With a solid sales base going into his third outing, Linstead turns it up a notch to take a stand thank knocks off all comers to the flamenco crown. Bringing in a full crew to underscore his pyrotechnics, Linstead never fails to impress on this set loaded with depth and diversity that isn’t on board just for the sake of it. A winning combination at every turn, this is a sure bet for guitar fans to love and spread the word about. Hot stuff.

More Than Words

Pulling in tracks from his five piano specials and bringing in a few new cuts to keep old and new fans tempted, this look back at Kern's recent past show that he's been making the most of his talents.  A solidly stacked set that introspective piano fans will take to heart, this collection really shows him in a great light. Setting the stage for good things to come, this date has just the right stuff for a proper look back on board.

Element Series: Fire

The third in Kater's elements series might deal with a serious emotion, but he has Paul McCandless playing penny whistle so there is room for whimsy among the seriousness. Actually this set focuses more on the soft and sensual side of fire, like candles in the window and fore places putting the element in it's proper perspective. A passionate recording to match the subject, this is a side of Kater that shows how he can fuse things in a special way.

Do You Live, Do You Love

4 million sales later it should be clear by now that Wright’s success is based in large part on his ability to make it look and sound easy. Can you imagine how many bitter piano players are working the lobbies of Nordstrom’s wondering why they don’t get a break when they listen to this? Such is the problem at running ahead of the curve. Wright trades on his hallmark gentle touch but still takes it to new and exciting places and turns in a new effort that is much more than just another skew number. Adult piano fans have a new, hot winner here.


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