Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Midwest Record Recap

iRelax Leaving the Workday Behind

Real has a deep and varied catalog just ripe for repositioning as relaxation theme records and the third in this new series shows they are just intent in making the most of the stress the times have heaped upon us. Tasty little set that shows label stalwarts to great advantage ala the old Windham Hill theme repacks, you're sure to find something here to wean you off adrenaline overdoses and give your overworks organs a rest. The peaceful music gauntlet has officially been passed to new centurions.

iRelax Anywhere

Now that you look around and see Windham Hill is a tombstone and Narada has been gutted, it's up to real to carry the ball as the last one standing and enjoy the fruits of building a catalog over the years that was new age but defied fashion and can now be repurposed for a whole new generation and whole new market. Pulling from label holdings, which include impressive performers and performances, they have put together projects to further their dominance in spa marketing.

Gratitude Joy

Here’s one for the hardcore spiritual seeker as a devotee. It just has three phrases for you and all have “Om” in them. A chant record with production values, these chants are the ones you do as just seek to merge gratitude into joy.

Sacred River

Looks like it’s time for a rediscovery of the works of Herman Hesse as Gandalf takes you down the sacred river where you can learn to be one with all harmony. A winning sonic vacation from all the noise of the day that causes nothing but agita, this easy ride with Gandalf is the most rejuvenation you could hope for on a disc these days. A sonic tonic for those with a need to wipe off the day.

Liquid Mind VII: Reflection

Chuck Wild, the mind behind Liquid Mind kicks off his new decade in the form with a very in the moment set that sets new courses rather than rely on old cliches. Taking in consideration that sensitive music like this can work well with yoga, massage and other inner directed diversions, he creates a set to compliment these activities that falls into that realm of deceptive background music that seems to be just there but somehow commands center stage when you aren't thinking about it. A tasty, well conceived work that hits that target dead on.


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