Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Midwest Record Recap

Walking Through Clouds

Koch and the label are riding the cutting edge of being commercial without looking like it. An hour long set designed to abandon traditional retail and cash in on the growing suburban day spa market, this set is crafted and crafty as it runs just seconds over an hour making it perfect for background to yoga, massage, meditation, etc.

Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep

The warning not to drive on the label really isn't meant to be a joke. Chuck Wild seems to know a lot about music meant to put you to sleep, in a good way, and puts it on display here. As cabin fever gives way to warm weather in most places, this is a timely cocoon to step into for a while as the transition goes forth and you get ready for the next stage. A good night sleep is always a good start although mostly taken for granted. There's probably more research in this music than we realize, but it's great stuff to wind down to.


Gandalf's fifth release with Real Music, Sanctuary, is a well-structured outing that finds pacing and movement as critical as musicianship. A totally delightful set that is real music that can be enjoyed in the background or foreground, this is the kind of set that can redefine new age in the general public’s mind. Partly a throwback to the early days of NAC when no one knew what to make of instrumental music that wasn’t jazz, the best thing to call this is alternative adult at its best.

The Veil of Whispers

An interesting roundabout way to getting to a greatest hits of sorts as the committed muso revisits his back pages to re-record his faves and weave them together into a musical story line. With well-honed chops being put to their best and highest use, this is one of those truly cinemascope recordings that can really be best appreciated with headphones and no distractions. A link to a lot of Euro composing traditions, David opens the ears as well as the soul in this new age extravaganza that’s a million miles away from what new age was once upon a time. Hot stuff.

Earthsong & Stardance

You have got to give this new ager credit for thinking big. To celebrate his 30 years as a muso, he has written an orchestral tribute to the universe and all its splendors. Fusing new age and world beat into the cosmos, this is grand work that could only come from the heart. Not for the casual listener because you have to be prepared to really be pulled into this work, this is the real deal along these lines. Heady stuff that gets you to stop a second and reflect.


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