Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Midwest Record

Namasté Healing

Namaste Healing by Various Artists

A solidly tracked label sampler that calls attention to tracks from various albums that focus on music to bring peace and healing. It’s a nice trip through the body as well as the label’s back pages from the last ten years into the present. A sure bet to give your massage therapist to freshen up her music shelf; it’s anything but hippy dippy and sure to make an hour fly by all too quickly. Check it out.


Flow by The Haiku Project

Have you been thinking about new age in Denmark?  Well, Real Music has and turned up this set that tackles variations on a theme you think you know well. Some pretty cool keyboard stuff with a lite Euro patina washed over it, this relaxation set will have you reaching for the gouda and edam rather than cheddar as you mellow out to it with some wine and cheese. Thoughtfully long enough for you to slip your massage therapist as a gift to update her record collection without her miffing that it doesn’t cover the length of the average session, a nice slice of inner peace is only a spin away.

Breathing Space

Breathing Space by Sacred Earth

This set is different from the rest of the batch by Sacred Earth. This sounds like the soundtrack of a vision quest. A personal album long gestating in the mind of the male half of the duo, it’s dedicated to the couple’s child. This child will soon be reaching his terrible twos and if a set like this was gestating along with the kid, one can only hope poppa didn’t feel the need to make this because the tyke is a real hell raiser. Squarely in the classic new age bag, this album is more about making the most of white space than it is filling in all the blanks.


Bhakti by Sacred Earth

Just like there are Latin and African records where you have no clue what’s going on but you get it anyway, that effect is going on here.  An impressionistic look at the Hindu side of love, you wouldn’t mistake this for an album like ‘Miles Davis for Lovers’ but the love message seems to come through loud and clear. With sonic seasonings to take you well beyond the pale and behind the veils of love, this could easily pass for a spiritual version of Barry White on the other side of the Ganges.

The Way Home

The Way Home by Sacred Earth

No, this new age duo isn’t covering Neil Young this time around. Clocking in at an hour, special note to massage therapists, they spend the time making wise, new versions of mantras that make them sound like nothing George Harrison ever would have thought possible. A very sly take on this sort of sacred music, this duo gets you looking inward in ways you never would have thought about.


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